Ginger tea cold beware of hindrance than different patients need treatment based on syndrome differentiation

it is often said, had a cold, at home and drink a bowl of ginger tea, plus clothing cover is sweat all over, in one or two deys better. In fact, not all are suitable for a cold drink ginger tea treated her sweat.

depending on the patient feel the evil nature of traditional Chinese medicine, colds are divided into different types, such as a cold wind, cold and wind-heat. Cold cold is cold of evil outside hit, and lung gas lost vision caused by, more made Yu climate cold of in autumn and winter season, main performance for fear cold heavy, and fever light, and no Khan, and headache body pain, and nasal flow Qing tears, and cough spit dilute white phlegm, and mouth does not thirst or thirsty Hei hot, and MOSS thin white, symptoms; wind hot cold is is because wind hot of evil committed table, and lung gas eg: spiteful caused by, more made Yu climate hot of summer, main performance for fever heavy, and head swelling, and has Khan, and throat swelling pain, and cough, and phlegm sticky or yellow, and nasal flow yellow tears, and thirsty Hei drinking, and tongue edge red, and MOSS thin white or micro-yellow, symptoms.

TCM drugs pungent solution to wind, cold and cold main table approach to treatment, medication at the same time and have some hot soup or hot porridge, the body sweats, helps dispel cold, strengthening healthy qi. Ginger is an everyday seasoning and medicinal. It drug drugs pungent, sweat solution table, wind-dispelling for dispelling cold, relaxation, apply cold syndrome of cold light. If the winter was cold, drink a bowl of hot ginger tea, or distribution of brown sugar boiled with ginger syrup, sweating slightly in patients, effect of the treatment of colds. However, if it is a cold wind-heat, is not treated with ginger tea. This is due to wind-heat patients with colds, the body was already feeling the heat-evil, if the temperature when taking ginger class drugs, that is like fuel, will inevitably backfire. Traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses a cold wind-heat method to treatment effect of cooling solutions for table, mint tea, pungent and cool beverage in adjuvant treatment available.

the same way, with Jiang Tang in treating cough treatment based on syndrome differentiation, if early cough, characterized by cough, expectoration thin color white, often accompanied by nasal congestion, thin or watery nasal discharge, pain and other symptoms of sweating, headache-free wind, cold and cough, ginger tea can be used to aid in treatment. If it is a yellow-sticky or expectoration of wind-heat cough and cough due to internal injury of illness are unsuitable ginger tea for treatment.

<p&gt, so a cold have to control their symptoms, carefully distinguish between different types, treatment, and must not take “ ginger tea her Khan ” approach. If you can't identify, you should seek professional medical help.

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