General knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy of worship qiwei decoction

the “composition”

worship (Lian Genqie) 9 g, GE (cutting) 9 grams, the new black bean sauce (cotton wrap) 6 g Ginger (cutting) 6 g japonicus Thunb (heart) 9 grams dried rehmannia glutinosa 69 grams.

the “indication”

syndrome of blood deficiency be affected by the cold. After disease Yin insufficiency of blood deficiency, take good care of oneself inadvertently, feel the evil outside, or blood loss (vomiting blood, blood and coughed up blood, nosebleed blood), a cold wind, cold and headache caused by body heat, and micro-cold sweat-free.

the “body”

function: nourishing the blood solution table.

usage: Dr eight liters of water, have to spoon lifting of 1000. Medicinal Dr on two-third of the water, slag, three take it warm, eight or nine. If sleep for Khan, gradually covering it.

taboos: as appropriate.

party solutions: Department of worship seven flavor drink blood drug tables and drugs pungent solutions and, representatives of the administration of blood deficiency syndrome of wind-cold outside, body heat, and aversion to clinical application to headache is no sweat and see history of blood deficiency or blood loss as the main basis.

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