Fried with antihypertensive lipid in cassia not diarrhea

cassia, also called grass cassia, has liver eyesight, pinggan jiangya clearance, moistening effect. Study found that active ingredients to the vagus nerve of the cassia, has an obvious role to lower cholesterol. In addition, for love combustion accompanied by irritability, Vertigo, headache, hypertension, have a noticeable effect.

<p&gt fried with antihypertensive lipid in cassia not diarrhea; currently on the market of semen cassiae mainly health, because of its cold drugs, has some laxative drastic effect, if the direct water to drink, phenomenon of diarrhea occurs, you can a fried fried cassia, can reduce its purgative effect, avoid the occurrence of diarrhea. For those who frequent diarrhea, blood pressure or Qi-deficiency and serious person, you should be used with caution. In addition, cassia there for the role of uterine contractions, so of pregnant women with hypertension during pregnancy do not using cassia to buck.

▲ warm reminder: cassia should not be taken long-term, large, otherwise easy to damage of spleen and stomach, dose should be controlled in less than 10 grams a day, generally do not take more than 1 month in a row.

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