Fragrant and this is why there are similarities and differences in the world?

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fragrant and this is why there are similarities and differences in the world?

Chen Xiang Chen Xiang to Daphne branches tree plants and white of radix aucklandiae containing resin wood, primary production in Southeast Asia, India and other places, aquilaria sinensis produced in Hainan, Guangdong, Taiwan and other places, health. Sandalwood for sandalwood small trees sandalwood wood mass of material, primary production in Yunnan and Hainan, Guangdong and other places, health.

in common: of both pungent and warm, are the property of spleen and stomach by the second. Has a row of gas pain, treating cold syndrome of stagnation. In decoction should be lower.

differences: Chen Xiang also has a bitter taste, also into the kidney Meridian, mass settlement down, temperature can drop to stop vomiting, is satisfied that the gas to relieve asthma and temperature not dryness, rows without relief, without internal victims of gas, good governance under cold vomiting, meta-cold of deficiency of stomach and kidney na of Qi-deficiency syndrome of asthma. Sandalwood also lungs, good speed on the diaphragm to the air, can smooth the spleen and lung, Li chest and diaphragm, Qi, and wheting the appetite, for dispelling cold pain, thoracic and abdominal in treating abdominal pain due to cold cold cold pain, chest colic, epigastric pain and choked with diaphragmatic card.

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