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Food Safety – Focus on people,eastern heal,It is a ct that, even with all the new technology available, food poisoning is still on the increase. At our last Conference, Diane Roberts from PHLS showed a table demonstrating that out of the top 14 causes of food eastern health board wicklowpoisoning, 12 were due to people and their actions. This years Conference looked closely at people, the training they need, how to focus more on quality and excellence, and the relationship of people to the working environment. The Conference looked at the needs of the higher risk consumers, and at increasing efficiency by using modern communication and information exchange methods. This sweeping range of topics helped to identify those areas which need to be addressed to keep your people focused, satisfied, efficient and quality orientated.

Pauline Earl, SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Ltd., Holywood, Co. Down.

Third Party Auditing

Session Chairman Ann Westby, Quality Assurance Manager, Nestl, Ireland.

was held Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 1999 at The Court Hotel, Killiney Bay, Dublin.

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