Food and medicine only used with a complementary nutrition absorption will be better


The food and drug collocation nutrition complementary absorption will be better

Diet & quot;Quot; in g & foodThat mean two food, eating together, such as tie-in undeserved, extremely easy to cause ill or poisoning, nutrition science point of view, turtle and three-colored amaranth, cucumbers and peanuts, etc.But modern nutritional science from view, two or more food, if collocation is reasonable, not only cannot & quot;Quot; in g &, but will also be & quot;Quot; begets &Play nutrition, complementary, complementary role.Proverb called & quot;Yuanyang quot; with &.

Sesame matchs kelp

Put them together, can play the beauty, cook anti-ageing effects.Because the sesame can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, including linoleic acid can regulate the function of cholesterol, vitamin E and can prevent aging.Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can on blood up purification.Promote the thyroid hormone synthesis, both syncretic, the effect being.

Pig liver with spinach

Pig liver, spinach has the function of blood, a blue one element, supplement each other, effect of the treatment of anemia.

Mix coffee husked rice

The steaming wring husked rice, add milk, sugar can drink, brown rice rich nutrition, to heal hemorrhoids, constipation, hypertension, etc. Good curative effect;Coffee can refresh and mix with brown rice, more flavor.


The role of mung bean patch liver kidney hyacinth,

& ldquo;Medicine, food & rdquo;incompatibility

Green bean soup can destroy the effects of TCM?

Five summers cool tea humanoid unfavorable to drink


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