Fly in longan false that you can’t call it the longan

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longan longan

<p&gt fly that you can't call it; longan, also known as puzzle, spleen, dried longan honey, soapberry plants longan EuphorEaLong8n (Lour) Steud of false hull. With tonifying spleen, nourishing blood and soothing effect. Clinically, often used in deficiency of qi and blood, palpitations Zheng Zhong, forgetful insomnia, such as blood deficiency decayed yellow card. At present, because of their yield less, together with the pharmaceutical industry clinical medication, healthy food production and increasing demand for this product, this product has been shortage of domestic prices higher. In the market, mixed in some lawless elements in arillus into a large number of shapes, luster is quite similar of brown sugar, jam, fruit jerky doping products, processed confused as real ones, increased weight, profiteering, seriously endangering people's health. Appearance of adulteration and authenticity very similar. Dragon identification of meat and its limited adulterated product features described below, for reference.

1, longan meat

irregular flakes, constant bond. Length 15mm, width 20-40mm, thick 1mm. Yellow-brown to Brown, semi-transparent, collapse inequalities for external surface, surface more in bright, and have fine longitudinal wrinkles. Quality tender and smooth, slightly fragrant, sweet taste. Its cells contain calcium oxalate crystals, are needle-like, rod-shaped or clustered.

2, and mixed with brown sugar

immersion process with high concentration of brown sugar and water together, similar to the shape, size, longan, yellow to Brown. Candied fruit of exogenous, the meat is thick clear increase to 1. About 5mm, constant chip bonded together and sizes. Carefully open theBonding together of longan will find packages in sugar, and sugar taste, slightly fragrant and sticky hands, easy to absorb moisture. Its components heavy, flooding yellow-brown, with precipitation, sweet taste.

3, mixed with jam

mixed jam after the processing of shapes, sizes similar longan, yellow to Brown, particulate mixture, pork skin absorption sundries, gloss differential, see the fine longitudinal wrinkles, constant chip bonded together and sizes. Carefully open the bonding together of longan often jam in the minds of meat found in meat. Sweet taste, smell fragrant and sticky hands, have a sense of wet, easy to absorb moisture. Its components heavy flooding yellow brown, sediments, and sweet taste.

4, mixed fruit dry

dyeing of mixed with raisins, cherry jerky processed shapes, size is not too similar to longan, yellow to Brown. Constant bonded into a block, it was for traces of machining, irregular flakes, surface wrinkling Association grievances. Sugar taste, slightly fragrant. Its components heavy, flooding after bleaching, tastes sweet.

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