Flexible tongue dispelling illness and becoming healthy


flexible tongue dispelling illness and becoming healthy

Chinese medicine believes that , Man’s tongue has a close relationship and overall health. Human organs, meridians, Qi and blood and body fluid changes are reflected on the tongue. Often in traditional Chinese medicine through the tongue, to deficiency of the waiting list for organs, prosperity and decline of qi and blood. So often brought tongue, can make the evil fire not health, five Zang-organs safe, blood flow, is conducive to dispelling illness and becoming healthy.

tongue is one of the vital organs in the oral, attached at the end of oral, jaw and tongue bone. It is made up of many Criss striated muscle of a muscular organ. As the spirit of armature said: “ your breath, muscle of this also. &Amp;rdquo; General traditional Chinese medicine tongue as a whole is divided into four parts: tongue, tongue tongue tongue and edge (sides of the tongue), its main function is to feel the taste, adjust sound, mixing food, assist in swallowing. At the same time, respectively, corresponding to different organs in different parts of the tongue. Tongue is a heart, reflects the heart and lung diseases, tongue is in the spleen, reflect the disease of spleen and stomach, tongue is renal, reflect the renal, bladder, and tongue are liver and gall, reflect the liver, biliary disease.

normal tongue should be pink, white and thin fur, soft tongue, sports a flexible freely, fat, thin, the correct size. Changes of tongue and MOSS is a reflection of visceral lesions.

often practiced “ tongue ” strong prolong life, human organs, meridians, Qi and blood and body fluid is beneficial.
Tongue exercises the function of campaigns you can chew, sing and conscious.  »

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