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review: latest World Diabetes census data show that in adult patients with diabetes mellitus in China up to more than 90 million, China has overtaken India become a diabetic first power. In other words, one out of every four adults in China there is a risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. So do diabetes genetic? If the family have diabetes patients, and pregnant women does not have disease and prevention measures in place to do it?

<p style="text-align:Center"&gt, diabetes is genetic the next generation?

<strong&gt, diabetes would do genetic?

most scholars believe that diabetes is a genetic disease. Clinically, found a family history of diabetes than without a much higher incidence of family history, 3-40 times for the latter, its parent or its parent or parents for diabetic patients of diabetes are a great deal of genetic predisposition. Some statistics, parents are diabetes, born about 5% above have diabetes.

believed recessive genetic isolation or several generations, passed on to the next generation of diabetes is not a disease itself, but genetic diabetes-prone body, that is, genetic mutations, clinical called diabetes susceptibility. Information and statistics, of genetic diabetes mellitus in China per cent-44.4%, proof of genetic diabetes mellitus have a more visible role. Genetic per cent-51.2% of type ⅱ diabetes mellitus, generally higher than 60%, and per cent-44.4% in patients with type ⅰ diabetes mellitus less than 60%. Type II diabetes than type I diabetes mellitus has a strong genetic predisposition.

what diabetes genes, genetic in what manner, is still an open question. Most diabetes experts feel that diabetes is due to many genetic variants, make individual susceptibility to diabetes mellitus. Susceptible to diabetes, insulin adaptive capacity is very poor, very prone to diabetes. Diabetes patient’s children than children of non-diabetics prone to diabetes. If both parents are diabetic patients, then children have greater chance of diabetes mellitus. But this is not to say that children must have diabetes Diabetes. Studies have shown that even if the parents are type 2 diabetic patients, the prevalence of diabetes in children is not more than 10%.

how to prevent diabetes Diabetes children?

each family members are with this gene, but diabetes genetic and hereditary diseases in our standards are completely different. Although genetic diabetes genes, to onset of diabetes, in addition to genetic factors, and also in certain environmental factors and other conditions of participation, to diabetes. In General, overweight, high-sugar diet, and unhealthy lifestyle such as infection, tired but diabetes induced by environmental factors.

<p&gt if your lifestyle is very healthy, if you're an athlete, although athletes who have diabetes genes, life kept in good state of motion, probability of diabetes than people without diabetes genes even lower chance of diabetes, because his way of life in good health. Therefore, the family has diabetes patients, their children should be actively controlled diet, preventing obesity, this is the best way to prevent diabetes.

if the family have diabetes patients, and pregnant women does not have disease, and what preventive measures?

genetic factors we can’t change, but you can adjust your diet and exercise. Just keep a healthy lifestyle, you can minimize the risk. RegularDo a physical examination, including meals and postprandial blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin and other indicators. Pregnancy as soon as possible after glucose screening test to rule out pregnancy diabetes. (Author: Zhu Guizi)

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Latest news: cold compress adverse recovery after sprain https://easternhealths.info/latest-news-cold-compress-adverse-recovery-after-sprain/ https://easternhealths.info/latest-news-cold-compress-adverse-recovery-after-sprain/#respond Wed, 17 Aug 2011 06:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/latest-news-cold-compress-adverse-recovery-after-sprain/


review: people always think that occurs when muscle strain injury or joint sprain, cold compress can eliminate swelling with ice packs. But the scientists found, swollen muscles can produce a factor conducive to recovery, so “ after the injury of cold compress ” General likely to be subversive.

updated: cold compress adverse recovery after sprained

United Kingdom of the daily mail reported that the United States researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that muscle after acute injury, muscle cells produce inflammatory response, then releasing something called “ &rdquo growth factor, insulin-1th; (IGF-1) of the substance , It can greatly increase the speed of muscle regeneration. Scientists in animal experiments have confirmed that the muscle of the inflammatory response of damaged mouse recovery speed is significantly higher than the absence of inflammatory response in mice.

United States of editor of the journal of the Federation of experimental biology societies wesman stated: “ in order to heal sports injuries, we need to control the muscle swelling as manifestations of the inflammatory response, but to get a good grasp of, if the controls too strict, but may not be conducive to injury repair. ”

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Cool in foot, foot pain, foot cramps hidden “health bomb” https://easternhealths.info/cool-in-foot-foot-pain-foot-cramps-hidden-u0026quothealth-bombu0026quot/ https://easternhealths.info/cool-in-foot-foot-pain-foot-cramps-hidden-u0026quothealth-bombu0026quot/#respond Wed, 17 Aug 2011 02:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/cool-in-foot-foot-pain-foot-cramps-hidden-u0026quothealth-bombu0026quot/


review: cool in foot, foot pain, foot cramps …… each of these symptoms may appear before, but didn’t pay attention to. In fact, it may be hidden “ health bomb ” may correspond to the aging and disease and other organs of the body should be timely prevention and recuperation.

foot cool, foot pain, foot cramps hidden “ health bomb ”

feet cold.

deficient cold of spleen and stomach, poor blood circulation, less physical activity too easily. If both of the nails into a deep purple color, it may be early signs of diabetes, arterial embolization.

countermeasures: Director of the Taipei Medical University Hospital-PIN setting Chen Ping and think, increase physical activity, promote blood circulation, eating food is a solution of warming and invigorating the spleen and stomach. 40 degree Celsius warm water soak feet for 20 minutes every day, drink hot tea, there is improvement.

foot cramps.

Taiwan Chang Sau ankle in hospital surgical Director Zhu Jiahong pointed out that if sleeping foot cramps, could be up during the day is not the right cause. More cold, lack of calcium, fatigue and other reasons, it may cause leg cramps.

countermeasures: Taipei’s Veterans General Hospital of cardiac vascular surgery physician Lai Xiaoting recommendations, these problems occur, while sleeping can keep your feet a little Block up, note also the warm, calcium supplementation, choose the proper shoes.


<p&gt if the toe, foot pain severe, there is tingling burning sensation, may be associated with diabetes. If more than numb feet swelling pain of sense, is likely to be deep vein thrombosis.

countermeasures: symptoms in severe cases, seek medical advice immediately.

foot pain when walking.

middle age has a thick heels are basically fat pad, grew old, fat pad atrophy, fat pad be squeezed to the side when you walk, relative will become thinner in the Middle, followed when the pain of the foot, and is hurt. But if you get up in the morning landed sharp pain, symptoms ease after, the waist and hip location may be due to not being.

countermeasures: do more stretching, rotating toe movement; correct walking posture.

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Health self test – controlling physical health trends https://easternhealths.info/health-self-test-controlling-physical-health-trends/ https://easternhealths.info/health-self-test-controlling-physical-health-trends/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2011 18:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/health-self-test-controlling-physical-health-trends/ 

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review: human one-third of the disease through preventive health care can be avoided. Next, SINA small series of Chinese medicine practitioners will introduce to you some simple and practical method to five healthy self test to help you anytime to check their physical condition, health trends of control bodies at any time, implement the appropriate countermeasures in a timely manner, achieve the purpose of health and longevity.


health self test – controlling physical health trends

1.“ not time ”–test aging degree.

balance has very important meaning in human life. Japan Kyoto Prefecture State Medical University under Professor YAMADA on human tissue more than 30 years of study of a simple and easy “ simple self test method of human aging ”.

the specific method: self test hands hanging close to the sides, close your eyes, with one foot stand upright, and according to his “ not time ”–to judge their own aging degree.

standard: 9.9 seconds, male Physiology for 30-35 years of age, female physiological age as 40-49; 8.4 seconds: male Physiology for 40-49 years of age, female physiological age as 50-59 and 7.4 seconds: male Physiology for 50-59 years of age, female physiological age as 60-69; 5.8 seconds: male Physiology for 60-69 years of age, female physiological age as 70-79. Does not meet the standards, degree of ageing too fast, the physiological age higher than the actual age.

2. waist-hip ratio–test fat index.

waist-hip ratio (WHR) is a reflection of a simple indicator of body fat distribution, who often used it to measure the human body is obesity or health, maintain appropriate proportion of the hip and waist circumference, is of great significance on adult physical fitness and health and life.

many studies have proved that the ratio and cardiovascular morbidity is closely. Standard waist-hip ratio for males is less than 0.8, female less than 0.7. According to United States society for sports medicine 1997 recommended standard, male WHR>0.95 and female WHR>0.86 is waist-hip ratio data with cardiovascular disease risk. Note that the measure must be taken when standing.

3. breath-hold time–test lung function.

a deep breath and breath-holding, the longer the better, then slowly exhale, exhale time 3 seconds for the best. Maximum breath-holding, a man of 20 years of age, health status very good, sustainable 90-120 seconds. A person who has attained the age of 50 years, about 30 seconds or so.


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Advantages of TCM dripping pills in treatment of cardiovascular diseases https://easternhealths.info/advantages-of-tcm-dripping-pills-in-treatment-of-cardiovascular-diseases/ https://easternhealths.info/advantages-of-tcm-dripping-pills-in-treatment-of-cardiovascular-diseases/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2011 14:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/advantages-of-tcm-dripping-pills-in-treatment-of-cardiovascular-diseases/ drop pills of traditional Chinese medicine preparations of rapid development in recent years, particularly in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases obvious advantages. Pills are produced by melting of a solid dispersion, this dosage form little abroad, but in traditional Chinese medicine preparations, pills have become an important new form. Issued by the State food and drug administration of traditional Chinese medicine pill approval number has more than more than 70, dropping pills of traditional Chinese medicine for cardiovascular system are more than 20 kinds.

cardiovascular disease is a threat to life and health of the elderly in the world today one of the major diseases. Course of the disease generally longer, often requires long-term treatment. Clinical best able to meet the following requirements: formulations and dose volume is relatively small, easy to carry and long-term use; has a quick-acting role, providing first aid has a long-term role, you can reduce the number of medication; preparation has good stability, easy to ensure the quality of treatment of various ingredients. Pill formulations features can meet the above requirements.

rapid onset, high bioavailability Diwan is part of the preparations for the change of the existing forms of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, such as compound danshen tablets of compound danshen dropping pill is for the change to. Select drop pills formulation is designed to take into account other solid dosage forms cannot fully play a clinical role of medicinal substances. In the molten state, pill liquid into a transparent, after cooling belonging to solid state molecular dispersion system, drug molecular States dispersed directly of effective components in the matrix, inside the body are quickly released, to fully absorb play effect. It overcomes the traditional solid lack of efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine preparations slow onset, low, has the characteristics of quick-impact. Compound danshen drop pills are manufactured by Tianjin tasly pharmaceutical company limited, for angina pectoris of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment of dropping pill formulation, in mitigation, improving clinical symptoms in patients with angina pectoris over compound danshen tablets.

easy to mold, relatively stable pill is formed through the fusion of matrix and medicinal substances. Therefore, medicinal molecules or particles of matter are matrix close packages, this State makes curing liquid drugs, can also make it easy to destroy drugs are relatively stable.

medicinal substances after refining because preparation pills needed to join a large number of substrates as a dispersion medium of medicinal substances, General amount of medicinal substances and the matrix from 1:1 to 1 per cent are possible, depending on the nature and degree of purification of pharmaceutical substances, and the need for decentralized level. These highly purified active ingredients, from the perspective of pharmaceutical and characteristic, more like synthetic drugs. Drop pills of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal substances generally effective components of Chinese medicinal herbs and properly refining technology of total extracts. Without purification of Chinese herbal extracts or medicinal powder, generally should not be made into pills, otherwise a dose will be significant. After purification of Chinese traditional medicine pills, small, easy to carry and buccal or oral. For example, the specifications for each of the compound danshen tablets 0.3 g, a 3 piece, 0.9 grams in total and compound danshen drop pills each pill weight 250 mg 10 pills at a time, 0.25 grams in total.

medicinal substances of compound danshen dripping pill is processed by the following: learning from crushing of danshen, 37 medicinal materials, extraction with water 3 times, after being filtered, concentrated landfill leachate decompression, adding ethanol to concentrate to form precipitation; Will concentrate on ethanol, made from heavy cream, as medicinal substances; prescription of Borneol is a pure compound, as long as the crush. 37 without extraction of compound danshen tablet, direct comminuted pharmaceuticals. For international patent of compound danshen dripping pill pharmaceutical technology is different from the current domestic production of dropping pill, one of Salvia miltiorrhiza and macroporous resin is needed to further separation of effective components of Panax notoginseng, therefore all the more delicate.

from the above characteristics, dropping pill has a unique advantage in development of traditional Chinese medicine for cardiovascular disease, with the improvement of level of preparation of medicinal substances, variety and will rapidly increase in the number of pills, for the majority of patients will benefit.

more information please visit health network: www.dajiankang.com

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Menopause eat what? https://easternhealths.info/menopause-eat-what/ https://easternhealths.info/menopause-eat-what/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2011 10:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/menopause-eat-what/

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review: female climacteric eats what? this is a lot of issues of concern to women entering menopause, for different treatment of patients with different drugs. Don’t give drugs and treatment of patients with mild symptoms, for serious patients can be appropriate to work with drug treatment.

female menopause eat what

General for more years with its integrated light without medication, make them aware of climacteric health care knowledge, eliminate unnecessary concerns and fears, establish a spirit of optimism, correctly deal with the reactions of menopause. At the same time, actively participate in appropriate physical exercise such as running, walking, gymnastics, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and so on. Through these activities can reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

each woman goes through menopause, a difficulty, in fact, menopause is not terrible, as long as the psychological, lifestyle, and many other prepared you can menopause has a beautiful, beautiful woman doing a style still, SINA special as you edit the menopause topics in traditional Chinese medicine, various excellent plan of traditional Chinese medicine, helping you easily through the menopause! >>> women hit the Ghost of climacteric

for more severe cases, should be based on proper use of some drugs in the treatment of different symptoms. If mental, neural aspects of symptoms such as headache, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms, can be service stability and 2.5-5 mg, 2-3 or miltown 100–400 mg daily, 2-3 times a day. Effects of these drugs have a calm and steady nerves. May also take goodway 10-20 mg, 3 times a day, adjusting role of autonomic nerve function. In addition, vitamin b, vitamin B complex, vitamin e and vitamin a. Adjusting the dose of these drugs is required by illness, when symptoms reduce or disappear after stopping the medicine. These therapies and medicines on climacteric syndrome have good results.

some women climacteric syndrome have such questions are going to use hormone therapy? answered should be considered. Can body similar to the young State, forever young. Was very popular with estrogen replacement therapy, but later had a controversy because of side effects. Most menopausal women, especially after checking, indicate ovarian function is normal, you do not need to use hormone therapy.


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Traumatology of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis of “inspection” https://easternhealths.info/traumatology-of-traditional-chinese-medicine-diagnosis-of-u0026quotinspectionu0026quot/ https://easternhealths.info/traumatology-of-traditional-chinese-medicine-diagnosis-of-u0026quotinspectionu0026quot/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2011 02:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/traumatology-of-traditional-chinese-medicine-diagnosis-of-u0026quotinspectionu0026quot/ abstract: first looking spirit look on the face, tongue and tongue, and then look at systemic and local forms that appear after the injury. Five colors on main disease injury: white blood loss, asthenia; cyan primary gas closed with blood stasis, obstruction of blood run; red fever primary injury and yellow primary spleen wet weight, damp block; black primary kidney deficiency, or channel lost to warm and nourishing.

inspection occupies an important position in the diagnosis, the so-called “ look and know that God &rdquo. The main contents of inspection is to observe the human gods, color, shape, pattern, to infer changes in the body. Proof of long-term practice of Chinese medicine: human body both external and internal organs of the body has a close relationship, especially the face, tongue more closely and viscera. Through external observation, to understand the whole lesion, as the spiritual pivot · this dirty story said: “ depending on a firm footing outside, to know which reservoir, you know the disease. ”

1. General Inspection

first looking spirit look on the face, tongue and tongue, and then look at systemic and local forms that appear after the injury.

⑴ look look

mental calm nature, face moisturizing lighter injuries; mentally tired, Haggard face, face pain, lusterless face, heavy injuries. Five colors on main disease injury: white blood loss, asthenia; cyan primary gas closed with blood stasis, obstruction of blood run; red fever primary injury and yellow primary spleen wet weight, damp block; black primary kidney deficiency, or channel lost to warm and nourishing.

⑵ looking body

the spiritual pivot · cloud of cold and fever: “ body has wound blood out, and in the cold if there fell fell, heavy limbs do not collect, name of inert. &Amp;rdquo; pointed out that limb injury and limb activities adversely affected by wind, cold and may result in, called lazy. Observe the body, can provide important basis for diagnosis. Bones and the effects of injury, caused by or due to feeling cold-induced bi, paralysis, can lead to limb loss of activity and a variety of conservation body. Radial Head subluxation in children is pronation of forearm, half buckling State; lumbar disc herniation may make compensatory lateral curvature of the spine. Looking body part is indispensable for orthopedic diagnosis disease, should be given to.

2. Local inspection

⑴ looking colour

is mainly depending on skin color and appearance changes. New wound bleeding, skin bruising, swelling range comparison set; long old injury hemorrhage, colour yellow, swollen range broader; deepening colour cyanotic increased after the injury, for the phenomenon of internal blood more than, care should be taken further examination or to take measures. Bruising and red to prevent secondary infections, skin loses red and white, as blood deficiency or blood through blocked; injury part purple black colour, anti-tissue necrosis.

look ⑵ malformation

serious fractures, dislocations and other damage, limb or torso showing various malformations. Shoulder dislocation of shoulder joint deformities; outreach or adductor of lower limb deformity of hip dislocation; posterior ankylosing deformities of rheumatoid Spondylitis; scoliosis of lumbar disc herniation and other.

⑶ looked swollen

the medical gold · surgical miscellaneous tips · ulcer introduction song cloud: “ human blood, peripheral flow, and somewhat backwater delay, that is swollen. &Amp;rdquo; channel backwater delays after the injury appears swollen. Swelling of serious, evident bruising may fracture or bars broken; swelling less slight bruising or no bruising were slightly injured.

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How to deal with “holiday indigestion syndrome”? https://easternhealths.info/how-to-deal-with-u0026quotholiday-indigestion-syndromeu0026quot/ https://easternhealths.info/how-to-deal-with-u0026quotholiday-indigestion-syndromeu0026quot/#respond Mon, 15 Aug 2011 18:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/how-to-deal-with-u0026quotholiday-indigestion-syndromeu0026quot/ review: Spring Festival 7-day holiday in the series of relatives, happy new year, friends gathering everything concerning the dinner, every day is the chicken, duck, fish, meat and other delicacies, eating is with your mouth full flow oil. Coupled with a variety of delicious snacks, were busy all day long mouth does not. For more than a few days, some people would feel no appetite, eat something, stomach swelling does not apply, aching stomach, don’t want to eat good food, or even saw it disgusting. This is because the greedy gourmet cuisine and the risk of “ holidays &rdquo indigestion syndrome.

“ ”

<p&gt holiday indigestion syndrome; this is because the engorgement or belly greasy food, breaking the daily eating habits and patterns, intake of a variety of sweet, salty, greasy, cold, acids , Spicy foods, such as too much, increased burden on the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, decreased gastrointestinal peristalsis, digestive liquid supply shortage, causing nausea and vomiting, abdominal distention abdominal pain, diarrhea and restlessness and other symptoms. Therefore, after the Spring Festival, we often dyspepsia symptoms of anorexia even have imagined.


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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of spleen specially “Sjogren’s syndrome” https://easternhealths.info/traditional-chinese-medicine-treatment-of-spleen-specially-u0026quotsjogrenu002639s-syndromeu0026quot/ https://easternhealths.info/traditional-chinese-medicine-treatment-of-spleen-specially-u0026quotsjogrenu002639s-syndromeu0026quot/#respond Mon, 15 Aug 2011 14:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/traditional-chinese-medicine-treatment-of-spleen-specially-u0026quotsjogrenu002639s-syndromeu0026quot/

channel TCM health hot spot:

some long-term dry mouth, dry eyes, but do not think that is a disease, missed early treatment. Disease occurs when multiple system damage until they have Sjogren’s syndrome.

traditional Chinese medicine treatment of spleen specially “ Drying comprehensive syndrome ”

drying comprehensive syndrome is a violations outside secretion glands (salivary glands, and lacrimal gland, and Parotid gland,) of chronic systemic itself immune sexual disease, clinical main performance for mouth dry, and saliva reduced even eat dry food required water sent, and more made dental caries; eye dry, and has foreign body sense, and tear reduced even no tears; repeatedly Parotid gland enlargement; joint pain swelling; more system damage, including lung between mass lesions, and atrophy sexual gastritis, and chronic hepatitis, and blood system damage, and Lymphoma tumor and so on.

speaking of traditional Chinese medicine “ temper Mong Kok, body fluid ”, much less body fluid is caused due to spleen deficiency, lack biological body fluid, therefore strengthening the spleen can be effective in the treatment of this. By strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi in traditional Chinese medicine, biological fluid, tongda Yang Qi, can make the body fluid with Yang spread, deck, arrived at the mouth, eyes and skin and other parts, to raise the whole body viscera, and activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, tongluo analgesic agent can not only significantly improved symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, can also regulate the immune function.

through the diet can also achieve a certain degree of spleen in patients with purpose. Astragalus and Poria, main jianpi herbs for the month of atractylodes macrocephala and Yam, licorice, Chinese Yam, wolfberry fruit, Shan Yu meat, such as American ginseng, ophiopogon japonicus. In daily life, can the above drug consumption, such as with Fructus lycii and radix astragali and rhizoma dioscoreae burn porridge or soup. In addition, attention should also be patients with Sjogren’s syndrome usually less spicy pungent foods, stay away from alcohol and tobacco, not seen for a long time computer, TV screens. At the same time, those suffering from this disease resistance is reduced, should also be taken to avoid chill cold, not too tired.


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“Spring Festival sequel” do you have? https://easternhealths.info/u0026quotspring-festival-sequelu0026quot-do-you-have/ https://easternhealths.info/u0026quotspring-festival-sequelu0026quot-do-you-have/#respond Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:50:00 +0000 http://easternhealths.info/u0026quotspring-festival-sequelu0026quot-do-you-have/

review: first day of work after the Spring Festival, many of my friends feel some trance, listless. Seems to also work in General. I think perhaps this is what we call “ sequelae of Spring Festival ”? So, “ sequelae of Spring Festival ” what situations? Integrated below their own experiences and feelings, you may wish to control their State, what I see there “ sequelae of Spring Festival ”?

“ sequelae of Spring Festival ” do you have?

“ sequelae of Spring Festival ” ten symptoms:


<p&gt 1, network syndrome; for those who did not engage in network-related industry, perhaps during the Chinese new year is they have the best time to surf. For some people, not including eating, sleeping, other times may be all on the Internet. Many people perhaps as long as the eyes in the morning on the Internet, has been playing late into the night, sometimes having a meal forgot to eat. Thus, dry eyes, pain, and general inability to this “ network syndrome ” natural in section will be reflected. In addition to damage to the body itself, is more important is the heart do not receive back, has also been mindful of the network.


<u&GT;2, lack of sleep and even insomnia; Home Holiday visiting friends and relatives, daily habits are upset. The original routine, sleep regularity naturally had been interrupted. Plus the environment suddenly change inevitable cause a lack of sleep. Reunion, gathering with friends and family makes the brain to maintain a high State of excitement, so many people appear in over years of insomnia.

3, physically weary

believe many activities during the Spring Festival is rich and varied. In addition to visiting friends and relatives, friends, a lot of people will choose to travel, Carnival was also perhaps a night, and so on. Due to physical, mental, and leave their bodies in a very sleepy, so, just beginning to work, natural sleep wake occurs, physically and mentally tired, listless to work, and so on.

<p&gt of

<u&GT;4, fear of work; hard busy for a year, managed to get enough rest time in the Spring Festival, after the Spring Festival, some people will have an inexplicable fear on returning to work again. Serious people even have continuous sleepless, has lost all desire for food and drink and other symptoms. Such natural there will be no work should have a vitality, can't enter normal working state.

 5, tourism sequel
now, greatly improving the standard of living. Chinese new year when many people would choose to travel. Travel, inevitably lead to physical and mental fatigue. In addition, coupled with tourism during the climate, temperature differences, the impact of environmental factors, especially those who like more self-driving travel malaise, loss of appetite may occur. At the same time, &ldquo such as dry mouth, oral ulcer of the tongue; nobody inspected ” symptoms also will be a matter of routine. These are what we say “ tourism sequel ”.


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