Fault method in traditional Chinese medicine–the four methods of diagnosis-observation

in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine in long-term health care, summarized four kinds of judgment methods of disease, this is the look, smell, asked, cutting four diagnostic methods.  

inspection is doctor application Visual to observation patients General or local of God, and color, and shaped, and State of changes;

smell diagnosis is doctor with auditory and smell distinguished patients of sound and smell of changes;

interrogation is doctor with auditory and smell distinguished patients of sound and smell of changes; interrogation is by asked patients and family, understanding disease of occurs and development process, and currently symptoms and the other and disease about of situation;

deep part palpation including feel the pulse and by diagnosis, is cut by patients of pulse and touch by patients of skin, and hand, and abdominal, and limbs and the other parts to diagnosis disease of method.

think of traditional Chinese medicine, blood run, induction transmission, can pass the virulence of a pathogen.  Reflect lesions of pathway is Meridian, Meridian has contact Zang-Fu limb section, and communication upper and lower inside and outside of function, as phone network as will human close to connection into a unified of overall, so local of changes by Meridian can effect General, visceral of lesions can reflect to surface, so-called “ has all within will shaped all outside ”, instead, TCM by on external of diagnose, also can speculated visceral of changes, this is TCM diagnosis disease of Foundation and pursuant to.


short, inspection including general inspection and part two of tongue, general inspection also includes look look look God, observe the color, shape, facial features, look includes looking tongue, tongue tongue. Inspection first of all, look at God, God is manifestation of human life, such as the mind clear, clear language, eyes bright, responsive, referred to as God, is health or illness light light performance. Such as lack of vigour, apathy, eyes dark, slow, or even delirious, called a God, said the illness more severe.  Looking through God to the patient’s condition and prognosis, make an estimate, be aware of.

justice major observation of facial color and luster, according to the different color changes can be seen the rise and fall of qi and blood and disease development.  Normal Chinese looked yellowish, pink luster, exception if called disease-like color, common are white, main main cold of deficiency, primary hemorrhagic; yellow, primary virtual primary wet: cyan, primary cold stasis primary pain, primary infantile convulsion; red, the main heat; black, primary renal deficiency.

looking shape is expected form and dynamic, such as less fat food as the spleen deficiency and phlegm. -Thin boulimia, fire in the stomach. Pace up and down horizontal static, are cold syndrome. Irritability, are febrile symptoms.  Open raised shoulder, breathing is not prostrate with asthma, stiffness of nape are anxious, angle arch anti-Zhang zhijing; illness through clothes touch bed, number of empty lines are serious sickness.  

TCM experience think five Zang-organs resuscitation Yu features, features within Yu five Zang-organs, by looked features can understanding must of visceral lesions, as accounts Chek Lap Kok swelling, more for liver-fire ascending syndrome or wind hot, two accounts Shang channeling, open or oblique considered liver wind within dynamic, Helix dry char for renal fine loss by a natural process, ALA incitement for evil hot Yun lung, gingival swollen or and bleeding is gastric hot kangsheng.

looking tongue retrospective is accumulated unique justice means long-term practice of traditional Chinese medicine mainly observation on tongue and coverings, muscular part of the tongue is a tongue, tongue is a tongue of surface adhesion of MOSS-like, tongue can reflect the five Zang-organs and grow, tongue can observe foreign evil invades shades, normal people are pink tongue, thin, white tongue. If tongue white main light deficiency, primary from the cold, tongue red hot, purple tongue primary blood stasis, white fur cold syndrome with the primary table, yellow fur of febrile symptoms of primary black, yellow and thick greasy is damp, or phlegm-heat, thin light condition of MOSS, MOSS thickness conditions heavy, sticky tongue coating by thin thick, said diseases, from thick to thin that retire due to sickness. Clinical changes in tongue tongue and usually linked synthetic judgment, experience of traditional Chinese medicine, tongue is generally acute severe, chronic heavy pulse, because the tongue to more accurately reflect the body’s physiological and pathological conditions.  Proficiency inspection, and disease diagnosis fast and accurate, so saying &ldquo of traditional Chinese medicine; look and know that God &rdquo.

<p&gt smell; includes hearing sounds smell diagnosis and olfactory smell, such as patient voice low, less lazy, mostly chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering body resistance, language sound bright, statements upset many, for real, breathing qicu, Rale of wheezing in throat, dry cough without sputum is lung dryness, sound low lung deficiency cough.  Bad breath are stomach-heat, Kou out acid odor is fresh, stool odor dirty main febrile symptoms, fishy as cold syndrome, urine the smell of urine odor or opacities are hot and humid, leucorrhea stinking dirty is a hot and humid, the amount of gas deficient cold of flavor is.


interrogation content involved range is wide, is gets disease information of important way, many famous old TCM very attention greetings, interrogation including asked General situation, asked life history, asked family history and past history, asked up disease, asked now syndrome, Ming dynasty Zhang jingyue’s has series has ten asked song “ a asked cold second asked Khan, three asked head body four asked will, five asked diet six asked chest, seven deaf eight ye furniture Dang syndrome differentiation, nine asked old illness ten asked due to, then and eye parameter variable, women especially will asked menstrual, late speed closed collapse are visible, then added tablets language will Pediatric, smallpox measles full accounted for inspection.  &Amp;rdquo; ask content do you want a summary.

deep part palpation to feel the pulse of the most common, even becomes the characteristic image of Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine think systemic vascular extending in all directions, densely covered body, under the effect of cardiopulmonary circulation all over, anywhere as long as the human body, and will affect the display on the changes of qi and blood from the veins out, TCM diagnose can understandBody blood of situation, Qing dynasty River pen China has diagnose song “ patients double wrist, high bone will for closed, inch pulse volume Tiger, feet pulse quasi arms, left is kind of package complex, Zuo Guandan and liver, left feet Secretary what vocational, bladder renal more than yan, right inch chest in the lung, gastric spleen is right closed, to know colorectal renal, right feet since obvious ……” Ming dynasty Li Shizhen s has is close to Lake pulse learn under more describes has 27 species pulse and the main disease, but sequence delicate point, its body difficult syndrome differentiation, heart easy has, means Xia difficult ming, slight discrepancy, miuyiqianli, so has “ cut and know of that of specially ” of said, beginner difficult master, p syndrome day long owned experience.  

all in all, four diagnostic methods has its unique role in the disease, and cannot replace each other, in order to fully correct judgment must be four diagnostic methods of disease, four organic can be combined, joint use, indispensable, the view was expressed that traditional Chinese medicine doctor, just touch the pulse see tongue of this claim is not comprehensive enough.

TCM on four clinic collection of disease about information, and TCM theory knowledge and the clinical experience phase combination, and came conclusions, but disease is a very complex of process, symptoms, signs performance was complex, sometimes also will appears illusion, as “ large real has get the better of shaped, to virtual has Sheng waiting ”“ really winter vacation hot, and really hot false cold ”, this on requirements doctor actively thinking, and objective analysis, and seriously screening, or “ homes pulse from syndrome ” or “ homes syndrome from pulse ” Through grasping the nature of the disease, be accurate assertions, treatment can receive better results.

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