Family drug store of knowledge

many families have more or less storage of some medicines, so that emergency. However, if not properly kept or stored for too long, drugs are likely to fail. When we use these drugs, light effect degradation or does not work, affecting health or increase the severity. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of all, in drug store of custody process, must be “ three defenses ” 、 “ four-note ”:


a control temperature is too high.

drug metamorphic temperature is important factor. In General, 100 degree temperature rise, speed of chemical reaction increases by 2~4 times. Higher temperatures make drug mildew and rot, and insects, metamorphic failure occurs. Such as vaccines, biological agents, enzyme preparations shall be stored at a lower temperature; contain volatile constituents of drugs, such as tincture and containing volatile oil of Chinese medicine (such as Peppermint, clove, cinnamon, asarum, etc) are at low temperature preservation; various gelatin, sugar also preserved, otherwise drug susceptible to distortion or adhesions. Of course, not all drugs are also suitable for low temperature storage, such as magnesium, cod liver oil emulsion in easily at low temperatures, such as hierarchy.

two humidity-proof is too large.

many drugs require drying, ventilation under the condition of saving. Because, in the humid air, drugs will absorb the moisture in the air, causing the drug mildew and decomposition. For example, aspirin, in dry case relatively stable when it contacts water and then gradually broken down into acetic acid and salicylic acid, the latter on the stomach has a larger stimulus. After moisture absorption of sugar-sugar is color; syrup easy moldy, wormy; often bonded into a block of solid drugs; strong drug variable light. Moist air can also make vitamin a, vitamin d, epinephrine, many drugs, such as the oxidation of phenol, these drugs should be closed according to the requirements or strict.

-three light.

some drugs to be in the dark store, this is because light, especially UV will often make a series of chemical changes in the drug. Vitamin D2 in UV exposure, can produce toxic substances. There are many drugs are light will produce color changes. Light-sensitive drug to avoid direct sunshine, dark container storage available, or colorless glass containers on the outsourcing of opaque black and blue paper.


one is the attention to the variety must be streamlined.

family medicine-drug varieties cannot “ the more the better ” should filter that security, essential and easy to save, for family use drugs, don’t dwell into “ debris bin ”. In General, the saving of varieties be based on tablets, pills, powder and a few topical dosage forms of drugs. Oral liquid preparation easy to mould modification, should not be stored for a long time; for injection in the pharmacological action of most quickly, unless there is a condition of the family, usually not intended to be included in the family standing drug; “ unidentified ” drugs should be disposed of in a timely manner.

<p&gt second note tag must be visible.

drug storage should be disaggregated, uncluttered, not mixed and messy. Of the original packaging intact, untouched; scattered to be mounted in a brown glass bottle, Cap tightened, and labelled as eye-catching label, writing clear drug name, dosage and usage specifications,. Topical drug best red label or red writing, orally, external use is different from that. As regards disinfection and against mosquitoes and flies, against cockroaches, kill rat medicine should never be placed in a small Kit to avoid wrongly make.

three are note deposit must be appropriate.

in addition to attention to the selection of light, dry, sealed, cool outside the local storage of drugs, should select out of the reach of the child, adults also use more convenient place. Best in a small Kit locked within hold so that children, the elderly, illiterate persons and those with mental illnesses wrongly.

<p&gt, and the note updates in a timely manner.

usually drug on the packaging or on the instructions are marked with the validity, should be used within the validity period. Validity does not provide the drug does not mean always effective. Although many drugs in accordance with the requirements of the store, but place a long time, still in the air will slowly degenerate, sometimes decline in effect, sometimes increase the toxicity.

therefore, when the drug stored too long should be updated in a timely manner. Drug is failure also can from appearance Shang be identification, as found tablets loose, and color or colored spot; sugar color, and adhesion or cracking; capsule adhesion, and cracking, and serious deformation, and drug leakage out; pills adhesion, and mildew, and insect boring; powder caking, and mouldy; eye water color, and cloudy or produced Floc property, and precipitation; tincture volatile too much (drug concentrated), and color, produced large precipitation; syrup agent mouldy, and fermentation, and risk gas; ointment Rancidity, and different stink, and color, and Crystal or reservoir precipitation, situation Shi, description drug has failure, cannot then save, more cannot then using, must timely dropped and replaced.

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