Eucommia staminate flower tea precious health gift

& ldquo;A gram difficult beg & rdquo;The best tea, to the most important person

Zhang a famous adage: to the best of everything, to the most important person.Now, he put the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine recommended than diamond & sace Jane ldquo;Eucommia ulmoides oliv rdquo; male flowers tea &To once in his life, was an important turning point disadvantaged, helped all of his friends and partners.When we asked about this tea flavor, what he ha ha a smile.Said, but this & ldquo;The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine’s for tea & rdquo;& ldquo;Five-star rdquo; colorful & international, you say?

The national promotion science and technology project, savour long tea are sweet, nourish intestines of modern disease, a prominent effects of eucommia male tea, now already is zhang and his partners will be drinking tea every day.
& mdash;& mdash;A proprietary zhang domestic

Eucommia ulmoides oliv male tea is China eucommia mdash; pioneer & research& mdash;DuGongYan professor, using China LinKeYuan economic forest research and development center state invention patent technology (invention patent number: ZL98117579.1) and modern high-tech manufacturing process, the maximum security eucommia male medicinal active natural ingredients and the nutritional premise, developed a kind of natural health treasures.

Via more than 10 years of varietal improvement, process improvement and technology innovation, and gradually entered the holy product hall, for health, world first by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese traditional Chinese medical science and technology development exchange center as ldquo; first &Science promotion project & rdquo;, become the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine for tea, especially for long-term national many leaders love.

Market price: $1,680 subsidised rates: 451-454 yuan policy

Eucommia ulmoides oliv male tea is so precious differences

1, eucommia male tea can also take glucose-lowering medications with antihypertensive drug,

Eucommia ulmoides oliv especially contains high levels of flowers itself chlorogenic acid and quercetin, have very good buck, hypoglycemic effect, and step-down, oral glucose-lowering drugs, the effect is served together to send ldquo; andDouble double & rdquo;And mouth-filling depth, and aromatic pleasant!

2, because of eucommia male tea specially developed and can fully cool drink

Sorching summer, people like drinking cool tea, but generally tea are hot advisable, and from the motherland medicine eucommia ulmoides male perspective, both concurrently again for the role of Yin and Yang, so no ordinary tea, which is the cool tea and ordinary tea eucommia ulmoides male, one of the biggest difference between cool drink eucommia male tea, taste more clear, diethylene glycol!

Three, can drink & ldquo;Rdquo; overnight tea &

Science considers to discover, eucommia male contains rich antioxidants, after a night, tea brewing placed bright, pure, contracts still effective components harmless drug damage, can trust to drink.

4, tea color becomes weak, can increase the male tea eaten

There is a folk proverbs, and ldquo;The food & the broth rdquo;Is the food itself is & ldquo;Rdquo; begets &.Eucommia ulmoides oliv male was 10.2% in fiber content, including food fiber content up 35.8 percent.As is known to all, plant structure is backed up on fiber.One of the food fiber can not only clear
Jie bowel, and eradicate constipation magical effects.So the best eucommia male tea drinking method is: eucommia male tea brewing 2 ~ 3 times, will be tea-leaf chewed.

Five, if not used to eating tea root, may change of eucommia ulmoides male tea brewing methods

Can instead use electric pot boil, every 2 ~ 5 minutes drink again.Let effective component to come fully into liquid, make effective component content higher tea.

6, ordinary wine to drink tea, tea avoid eucommia ulmoides male role play therapy can actually tea

With strong tea, while drunk the wine is wrong.Because tea contains caffeine.Caffeine and alcohol can produce addition combines role.The drunk man can aggravate the pain.Eucommia ulmoides oliv male contained in tea ring ene ether terpenoids and styrene-acrylic element such as active ingredient, can effective decompose alcohol, cigarettes, alcohol reduce the harm to human body, have good dipe the role, and in the same time, to liver dipe protect.

7, insomniacs night avoid drinking tea, eucommia male tea can promote sleep

All know drinking ordinary tea is not easy to fall asleep.Eucommia ulmoides male tea has and the sedative function, and promote good sleep good effect, especially for the crowd often insomnia, night before sleeping bubble tea drink a cup of eucommia male, and easy to sleep!

8, fever when drinking ordinary tea, and avoid eucommia ulmoides male tea drink off

British pharmacologist proof, tea contains theophylline will improve human temperature, still can make fever-lowering drugs is greatly reduced and the effect, therefore, don’t drink tea fever.Eucommia ulmoides male tea contains and the rich chlorogenic acid, peach, quercetin and Beijing leaves coral quercetin acid active ingredients flat, with good diminish inflammation and accelerate wound healing effect, helps to recover from illness.

9, anemia patients avoid drinking tea, but drink eucommia: no problem. Flowers tea

Anemia traditionalists drink tea make anemia illness.But eucommia male tea has nourishing liver kidney and clear pure effect, PE for anemia and other disease good auxiliary therapy effect.Anemia patients drinking tea can rise eucommia ulmoides male adjuvant treatment effect, special to have symptoms of anemia expectant mothers in improving anemia, at the same time, have symptoms, the role of tires.

10, in bubble (cook), eucommia ulmoides male tea according to individual demand add 1-2 single jujube or hawthorn, puerarin, fructus schisandrae, etc.

Since the Chinese herbal medicine of eucommia ulmoides is motherland, cultured is & ldquo;Duan fujin’s understandings & rdquo;And other traditional Chinese medicine collocation, be like eucommia male and jujube or hawthorn, puerarin, fructus schisandrae tie-in, the effect is more fully etc, and can enrich the taste of eucommia ulmoides male tea.

11, life equation eucommia male than other brand tea why your?

Life equation by 100% eucommia ulmoides male tea is the organic quality eucommia male hua-rui, via state invention patent (patent number: ZL invented 98117579.1) and refined, absolute rare, pure, without any other elements on the market, but many self-proclaimed eucommia male tea tea product, it is simply putting eucommia male as one of composition, added other eucommia components (such as eucommla ulmoides) and other tea class (such as black tea), is not 100% pure precious raw material, its nutritional value, efficacy discounted, according to authoritative statistics, only we effect tenth of!So the quality and we have fundamental differences, not mentioned in the same breath, so they will sell very cheap!

Special remind:

1, eucommia male tea by a between sometimes even sticky, like filamentous objects bore meters worms, this phenomenon is due to tea contain traces of eucommia ulmoides male caused, eucommia ulmoides glue filamentous content namely eucommia glue (eucommia glue is one in aviation, spaceflight, war, medical care and other fields have a broad prospects of new high-tech materials), it without any harm to human body, may feel relieved to drink.

2, because DuZhongXiong eucommia ulmoides male tea for 100% stamen is acceptable.but slender, refined, brittle and break easily, the proposal with professional tea product to drink.

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