Eight ancient Chinese poisons

DuanChangCaoDuanChangCao is creeper secco plant hs hs tendrils, annual fujimoto plants.Its main toxic substance is hs tendrils alkali.According to records, and eats intestines gets dark adhesion after, people will die of abdominal pain than.General detoxification methods is washing stomach, take carbon dust. Garnish with buck and CuiTuJi.Lavage mung bean, honeysuckle and liquorice with nasty Fried after treatment can detoxify.Mung bean, honeysuckle and licorice is actually the same multi-purpose antidote, litchi Wendy, born soya-bean milk and etc.

guiseLegend guise is a legendary raptor.Big than eagles, chirp big and squeal.Its feathers have virulent, with its feathers in the dip in alcohol. Alcohol became guise of wine.Toxicity is very big, almost do not save.As time passes guise wine became poisonous wine collectively.Another idea actually exists, instant snake guise, small prey, in the eagle has a wide distribution southern mountains.Because of its food snake so be mistaken for body have poisonous.

Comments wooden turtleIs QianKe strychnine, is horse YunNaMa QianZi strychnine and plant the seed.Toxic ingredients mainly for transgressions turtle alkali (i.e. wood of soil with glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch rather).WanBi mainly used for rheumatism.Numb, paralysis, flapping injury dropped YongJu swelling and pain, J, Jb paralysis.Rheumatoid arthritis pain etc, also can be used in myasthenia gravis said.Poisoning symptom is first appeared headache, dizziness, fidgets, muscle cramps feeling, swallow hard, breathing heavily, systemic hardening, then extensor muscles, and flexor extreme contraction, then while convulsion. Finally happened typical suffocated to death for stiffness.

craneCranes have crane meat, crane bone and crane brain can be used to heal, but are non-toxic, and both are nourishing gain medicine.Crane is actually red XinShi.Red arsenic trioxide XinShi is a kind of natural mineral, processing later is the famous arsenic.

Pi stonePi stone for natural mineral arsenic in Iowa, containing arsenic arsonopyrite or XiongHuang ore processing manufactured goods such as.XinShi another name.There are red and white XinShi finished product XinShi cent, medicinal with red XinShi primarily.The Pi stone sublimation masterwork of white powder, namely, arsenic, toxicity, the more drama.

diamondDiamond has hydrophobic kiss oil characteristics, when people take feed after next diamond powder. Diamond powder stick in the stomach.In the long-term of friction, can let a person get a gastric ulcer. Not treated will die from stomach bleeding, is a difficult to let people wary of chronic agents.

phloxPhlox and name willow leaf peach.XinDu glucoside containing toxic and strong, with the yankees with digitalis oleander role, 3 grams of dry phlox can make people dead.

monkshoodPerennial herbs.Plant height 60 ~ 120cm.Monkshood this name commonly refers to sichuan monkshood.And grass monkshood, generally refers to the wild monkshood and various other belong to plants, such as north monkshood (blue castrated2 flowers), taibai monkshood (seven) Taurus, etc., it is the name of the Chinese medicine.Monkshood contain a variety of alkaloids, times aconitine, new aconitine, uriah the aconitine, sichuan, sichuan as a uriah alkali b (card meters), tara amine Charlie Lin etc.See blood sealing throat alias poisoned arrows wood, scissors tree. The state protects endangered plants, the world is one of the most poisonous plant species.The SAP has milk-white, poisonous.Once the wound into the blood SAP, have life risk.The ancients often spread it on to shoot arrows. Beast or the enemy.

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