Efficacy of n species of lily can not only nourishing lungs

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n kinds of effects not only nourishing lungs of lily

the Shennong Bencao Jing records, lily is a perennial herb of the lily family, “ how evil Fallows ‘ main heartache, to obey, buzhongyiqi ” role. Think of traditional Chinese medicine, Lily, sweet flavor, slightly bitter, slightly cold, heart and lung by the second. Moistening lung, Qing Xin an Shen, nourishing Yin heat-clearing and diuretic effect. Can be used to treat Yin deficiency and blood in chronic cough, phlegm, throat inflammation, gastritis, tuberculosis, emphysema, virtual bother terror, insomnia and more dreams, trance and other.

in the Materia Medica in said “ Lily Gong, Qi and furthermore facilitate gas, and more to the evil, for beauty of seepage in Lee and medicine. &Amp;rdquo; there are dozens of lily, Lily, of Lilium pumilum and shandan three medicinal, same effect. Is selected as follows:

Lily jujube soup 100 grams of lily, red bean 100 g of dates 50 grams, boiling water with crisp black, followed by a white sugar, and then to coddle bad, sooner or later the clothing 1 times a day. Invigorating Qi, blood, invigorating the spleen, nourishing stomach and dehumidifying effect of the body. On the heat with outstanding, edema of the beriberi and other secondary effects.

Lily juice fresh Lily ramming juice 30 ml, add water food and beverage service, 5-7 continued for days. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis coughed up blood.

hundred clams and white pill Lily, clam powder 60 g, white, 120 grams, baibu 30 grams of total at the end of the inquiry as a pill, 6 g at a time, 3 times daily. CanUsed in bronchiectasis cough.

</strong&gt Lily soup; Lily 100 g, sugar 30 g, fried soup, fresh lily to drink soup, 2 sooner or later. Calm, nourish, moisten lungs, cough efficiency.

Lily Lotus seed soup Lily 200 g, 50 grams of Lotus seed, modest first cooked crisp black with water, add sugar 20 g, stewed to sticky continued to smolder, in taking before going to bed, can take several days. There are nourished, reassuring effect of ningshen.

lily is not only sweet foods, are useful in medicine. Especially Lily soup and desserts such as eight treasure rice, is not it, red white and contrast with, clear but not greasy, color, aroma, flavor and taste, is simply to proceed. Lily porridge cooked, moistening lung and stomach, the respiratory and gastrointestinal mucosal protective effect. According to analysis by nutritionists, Lily contains proteins, starches, fats, sugar, pectin, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamin b, vitamin c and other ingredients, is a diet best. Modern medical research shows that Lily has an obvious antitussive, antiasthmatic, Hemostatic, and enhance lung of mice to fight the flow, and other effects, can improve lymphocyte transformation rate and increase the activity of humoral immune function, can inhibit cancer cells hyperplasia. Lily welcomed by the people.

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