Effectiveness of Lotus seed

review: m real, also known as Lotus Lotus Lotus seed, has a high therapeutic medicinal value, to nourishing the vitality of the treasure, the Shennong Bencao Jing, as early as the Han dynasty would be regarded as the best, here we take a look at what are the Lotus effect?

m real, also known as Lotus Lotus Lotus seed. Nymphaeaceae perennial herbs, leaves and flowers are high out of the water, flower receptacle after expansion into the cupule. One 20~30 a small hole, each hole has fruit 1. It is said that a mature Lotus seed, no matter is hushed into peace in bogged down stones, still live in the marshy land sand dunes, and whatever is the body heat of the cold, can maintain the strong vitality, after several hundred years, thousands of years, there will still be embryo germination, grow new flowers. Lotus seeds this extremely tough characters and surprising vitality, is rare in the plant world.

effectiveness of Lotus

Lotus flesh is yellowish-white, thick fat, porosity, fragrance, sweet, Lotus seed germ called the Lotus heart of Turquoise in the Middle, taste very bitter, eat when it is removed, when medicinal peeling, heart, known as " Lotus meat ". Lotus seeds and fresh food, cooked soup can be made, but also for the soup dishes, desserts, cakes, preserves, and herbal, is to indulge in traditional medicine food.

Lotus seeds have high medicinal value of diet, to nourishing the vitality of the treasure. Early in Han dynasty of Shennong herbal by under will will its on instructions from my for best, think Lotus taste Gan, and astringent, sexual flat, has sedation Anshen, and supplement in the Yi gas, and yangxin Yi renal, and health spleen raising gastric, and Qing Fu run dirty, and Cong ear eyesight, and astringent intestinal zhixie of effect, can for disease Hou or postpartum spleen and stomach weak, and stool half congealed Xie, and palpitations terrified, and upset easy anger, and insomnia more dream, and less gas weak, and appetite decline, and women deficiency lumbar acid, and leucorrhea increased, and man nocturnal emission, and premature ejaculation, and menopause comprehensive syndrome, and heart disease, and hypertension, and sexual function decline, syndrome. Scientists also found recently, Lotus seeds contain starch, protein, fat, raffinose, l-aspartate peptide and raffinose, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin ingredients. Particularly phosphorus content of vitamin c than fresh fruit 4~5 times, higher than the peach 2~3 times, highly favored by experts.

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