Effect of Hawthorn and its application

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introduction: smell of Hawthorn scent, taste sweet and sour, xiaoshi effect of strengthening the spleen and Qi stasis that can be used to treat meat backup, stomach swelling, Xie Li Ting closed-, postpartum abdominal pain, blood stasis syndrome and stasis, else hurt, hernia pain, high blood fat disease. Magical effect of Hawthorn are described below:

Hawthorn effect and application

Hawthorn porridge

Hawthorn , Rice, 50 grams, rock sugar amount. Hawthorn slices, and rice boiled gruel, porridge cooked when crystal sugar, mix thoroughly. 2 times daily, for breakfast, dinner. Applies to food retention to a standstill, meat less women, postpartum abdominal pain due to blood stasis, hang-over endless dysmenorrhea; milk in children eating less; hypertension, coronary insufficiency, angina, high blood fat disease.

white fungus soup Hawthorn

Hawthorn 50 grams, 100 grams of Cactus, Tremella 50 grams sugar amount. White fungus picked to impurity, wash) after dispute with Chang Fa stew survived. Cactus after peeling qiexiaoding, Hawthorn washed sliced, white fungus when a crisp black, together with crystal sugar into, paste into soup to juice. This nourishing yin and tonifying stomach, lungs and fluid, have a strong heart, keep the blood vessels, reducing blood lipid, blood pressure and other functions, applied in patients with hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease.

Hawthorn cassia Lotus Leaf soup

Hawthorn and cassia seed all 15 grams, half a Lotus leaf. Hawthorn slices, Lotus leaf cutter, and cassia total fried with water, producing juice tea. Suitable for coronary heart disease, hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, obesity, etc. Cassia can reduce serum cholesterol, inhibiting atherosclerosis plaque formation, which has the effect of water extracts. Thirst, blood stasis, and support the spleen and stomach in Lotus leaf, sales effects such as edema, combined with Hawthorn, fat blood pressure, weight loss fitness, disease such as hypertension dizzy herbal remedy.

Hawthorn PEAR

200 grams of hawthorn, pear and 500 grams of sugar amount. Hawthorn wash to go nuclear, pears Peel, nuclear, tobacco cutter. Sugar in the pot, plus the amount of water through to sugar, fried into Hawthorn to soak sugar juice from the pot, and shredded PEAR common. Applies to the evil fever injuring yin essence, precision loss less liquid, accumulated heat in the chest, of food volume not, hypertension, etc. PEAR with qingrun, the role of Tianjin, cough, and common Hawthorn, skin beauty, longevity.

Hawthorn wolfberry drink

Hawthorn, fruit of Chinese wolfberry 15 grams, boiling water and BREW, each saying drinking frequency. Applies to diseases of deficiency after fatigue, appetite, indigestion, soreness of the waist and the knees, with dark were Dim. Wolfberry contains many unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients, nourishing yin and blood, effect of Yijing eyesight; also liver and low blood pressure, blood sugar, and common Hawthorn, with tonifying liver and kidney, blood brain function.

Hawthorn replenishing cream

motherwort Hawthorn, the 50 g, brown sugar 100 g. Slices of Hawthorn and motherwort decoction with water, discarding residue, add brown sugar, cream received. Apply to postpartum chill, endless hang-over, less color purple, such as abdominal pain and tenderness. Motherwort promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and brown sugar, Hawthorn common, have a good effect on blood stasis due to postpartum lochiorrhea.

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