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CreatieasternhealtEastern philosophy and healthy lifestyleon of the world &8211; coneasternhealth.org.autinents-v2 →

It has 6 Days of God. Were created light, sky, water, 2 luminaries &8211; the sun and moon, stars, birds, beasts, reptiles, livestock, and the first people.

Hyperborea and arias &8211; ch9 →

1 Day

Creation ch1 →

British scientists have discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

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easternhealtEastern philosophy and healthy lifestyle,Hyperborea &8211; in translation from Greek means &8220;Far North&8221;, &8220;Boreas&8221; &8211; means the North.

Excursion to the present.

Life originated in the ocean.

Tibet &8211; Shambhala &8211; ch12 →

&8220;The rising sun lit up the snowy mountain peaks and the reflection of light gave the impression that they were in a fiery flame.

More about Atlantis &8211; ch6 →

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Sacred Legend of Belovodye.

Creation of &8220;Genesis&8221;

In the beginning was the Word &8230;

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Read, starting with ch1, p2, p3, ch4, ch5, ch6, ch7, ch8 and tolkopotom on this page to have a holistic view of the ct that read &8211; approx. Admin.

(Read ch10, ch11, then this p3)

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