eastern healN.L. may send more cancer tests to Ontario

Denic discussed Makretsovs recruitment during the inquiry into hormone receptor testing led by Newfoundland Supreme Court judge Margret Cameron.

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It should be noted that all cases will continue to be processed at Eastern Health, and only the slides with sampleastern health nle tissue (not the specimen itself) will be sent to Sunnybrook Hospital for examination, if needed.

We are currently recruiting for this position and have entered into negotiations with a new pathologist with a subspecialty in breast pathology, Eastern Health said in an email Monday.

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Carter resigned from Eastern Health in April 2008, following the revelation that some breast cancer patients were given erroneous results for hormone receptor tests.

His track record in regards to breast research and interest is very long and of high quality, said Denic at the inquiry.

Carter is an anatomical pathologist who specialized in breast cancer pathology.

Makretsov was hired after Carter left.

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We continue to do [hormone receptor testing] at Eastern Health mostly to maintain proficiency. However, breast pathology for [hormone receptor tests] are sent out of the province, said an Eastern Health official in an email Tuesday.

Carter, who wrote several memos that provided important information at Newfoundland and Labradors judicial inquiry into flawed hormone receptor testing, did not comment on her resignation.

It said Makretsovs resignation may mean more work for pathologists in Ontario.

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The departure of a pathologist from Newfoundland and Labradors largest health authority last month may force the province to send breast cancer laboratory samples out of the province for assessment.

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The health authority said breast cancer patients in eastern Newfoundland, including St. Johns, will continue to be examined at Eastern Health by another breast cancer pathologist at the health authority and with some help from the Provincial Director of Pathology and Laboratory Services, Dr. Beverley Carter.

eastern healN.L. may send more cancer tests to Ontario,Breast cancer pathologist Dr. Nikita Makretsov resigned from the health authority, effective February 14, 2011.

If the volume of cases cannot be handled in-house, they will be sent to the University Health Networks Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto for review, according to the email.

An Eastern Health official said the authority cannot comment on why Makretsov left.

But at the time, Dr. Nash Denic, the former chief of laboratory medicine with Eastern Health, said stress and criticism arising from the Cameron inquiry led to Carters decision.

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The health authority said that some laboratory work for eastern Newfoundland breast cancer patients is already being sent out of the province.

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