eastern healN.L. cyclosporine lawsuit defence filed

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[He] has acquired devastating neurological and multi-organ injuries as a result of cyclosporine overdose and remains in hospital at date of filing. He will have lifelong [damage]. This outcome is entirely the ult of the defendant, the statement of claim said.

In the release, Eastern Healths CEO Vickie Kaminiski repeated an earlier apology.

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Lushman, from Corner Brook, western Newfoundland, has a rare autoimmune blood disorder known as hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

Commencing on the evening of Feb. 18, Warren went into multiple seizure and was returned to critical care on Feb. 19. On Feb. 20, he suffered a devastating hemorrhagic stroke. Other strokes followed.

I do want to apologize again to the claimant, his mily and to all the patients who potentially could have been impacted by these testing errors, said Ms. Kaminski. At Eastern Health, our priority and our commitment are to provide safe, quality care to all our clients, patients and residents.

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In February 2010, Eastern Health hospital staff recognized that a new piece of machinery that measures blood levels of cyclosporine was giving erroneous results. The results led steastern healthsaff to believe that people had low levels of cyclosporine in their blood. Based on those results, doses of cyclosporine were erroneously increased.

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Eastern Healths statement of defence states that the claimants very complex medical history and his likely future health issues are the result of his underlying medical condition as well as the expected side effects of cyclosporine therapy, said a news release Thursday.

eastern healN.L. cyclosporine lawsuit defence filed,In its statement filed Thursday, Eastern Health admits Warren Lushman, 15, was not given the best possible treatment, but the authority denies it caused the harm claimed by the lawsuit.

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Newfoundland and Labradors largest heath authority filed a statement of defence Thursday in response to a lawsuit over cyclosporine testing errors that were revealed in 2010.

In its statement of claim, Lushmans mily said mistakes in biochemistry laboratory at the provinces largest regional health authority in early 2010 caused irreversible damage to the youth.

Eastern Health does not admit that by administering higher levels of cyclosporine than required, it caused the health effects outlined by the claimant in a statement of claim filed by Lushmans mily Sept. 27.

The lawsuit, filed by Ches Crosbie Barristers, claims Lushman would have recovered fully if the cyclosporine error had not been made. His parents, Gary and Trudy Lushman, are suing Eastern Health for mental agony and suffering, expense and loss of income.

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Cyclosporine attained dangerous levels in Warrens brain tissue, said the statement of claim.

Eastern Health CEO Vickie Kaminski apologized for cyclosporine testing errors. Lushman was hospitalized in mid-December 2009 ieastern healN.L. cyclosporine lawsuit defence filedn Corner Brook, but was transferred to the Janeway Hospital in St. Johns in January 2010 because his condition was deteriorating.

Eastern Health admitted that Lushman was given too much of the drug.

At the Janeway, Warren was prescribed cyclosporine, a drug that suppresses the immune system and is often given to transplant patients to prevent their immune systems from rejecting a new organ.

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