eastern healFormer nuclear regulator named to Eastern Ontario health authority

Keens name has since been added to a growing list of senior mandarins and heads of federal watchdog agencies wheastern healFormer nuclear regulator named to Eastern Ontario health authorityo have either quit or been fired, ostensibly for arguing their cases too forcefully, or adopting a positions frowned upon by the Harper government.

Linda Keen, the former nuclear regulator who was fired from her job after running afoul of the Harper government, has been appointed to the board of Eastern Ontarios health authority.

A Citizen analysis of party finance data last year showed that Keen gave the maximum $1,100 to the federal Liberals in January 2010.

The government said it had lost confidence in her and terminated her appointment.

Her removal was seen by opposition parties as political interference by the federal Conservatives.

Since leaving the nuclear watchdog, Keen has set up Keen Associates, a consulting firm specializing in safety and risk management.

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eastern healFormer nuclear regulator named to Eastern Ontario health authority,Until January 2008, Keen served as president of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, which shut down the nuclear reactor in Chalk River over safety concerns.

She is also a former member of the Ottawa Hospital Foundations cancer fund-raising cabinet and a member of the board of directors and governance committee for Service Coordination, an agency providing services for disabled people.

The provincial appointment was made by the Mc-Guinty government.

Keens three-year appointment to the board of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network means sheastern health boarde will have a key role in allocating more than $2 billion annually to Eastern Ontario hospitals, nursing homes and community-care agencies.

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