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Heastern healFontana Herald Newsowever, Juan Serrano indicated that Gonzales has sold her soul to the powerful by supporting measures against the Latino community such as the 287 (g) program, which allows local authorities to act as federal immigration enforcers.

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She is a role model to follow. She demonstrated as councilwoman that she had the guts to be a great leader and as supervisor has led the region with pride, said Payan.

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The county is projecting a $37.2 million shortll for 2011-12 and $135.2 million over the next five years.

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Derry defended his opposition to Gonzales, saying that she had been linked to a federal probe. In ct, the countys Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton is being investigated for allegedly providing free medical treatment to some local leaders, including Gonzales. She has denied all charges of wrongdoing.

They have an enormous impact on the countys costs to operate our health care, school, transportation and public safety systems, indicates Gonzales on her webpage. It is imperative that the United States government secure our borders by enforcing immigration laws and erecting cilities to stem the flow of immigrants.

On top of that, the county has yet to see how the state will cope with its ongoing shortll, said David Wert, the countys public information officer. Sacramento has exhausted all of its options except for measures that will severely impact local government, and the states outlook is worsening.

There was some controversy in the selection of Gonzales, who was approved in a 3-2 vote by the supervisors. Third District Supervisor Neil Derry and Brad Mitzelfelt (1st District) opposed Gonzales, while Gary Ovitt (4th District) and newly elected Janice Rutherford (2nd District) supported her.

Its a new day, said Gonzales, who will serve as chair for the next two years. We are looking to the positive as my colleagues and I work with the county chief executive officer to shape our vision, focusing on building strong, economically viable, healthy communities throughout San Bernardino County.

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My decision to support Chairwoman Gonzales is based on a 40-year board policy and best practice that provides for an orderly and equitable rotation of the chairmanship, Rutherford said in a statement. The policy clearly states that each member should be given the opportunity to serve as the chairperson unless they do not desire to assume that responsibility, and Chairwoman Gonzales has assured me she is ready, willing, and able to fill this leadership role.

Fontana resident Agustina Payan applauded the decision to select Gonzales as chair, saying that Gonzales has been a great leader for the Latino community and is always ready to lend a hand.

Josie Gonzales, a Fontana resident, was selected to serve as chair of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. She was approved on a controversial 3-2 vote.

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Where has Josie been all this time when attacks to the immigrant community grew? She supported the 287 (g) program, knowing that would create racial profiling, said Serrano. I have lost respect for Josie; as vice chairman she did not move a finger in behalf of the immigrant community and now as chairman it will be no different.

Veering from long-standing county policy on this matter would foster divisiveness and partisanship on the Board of Supervisors. Those are attributes my colleagues and I can do without as we work together to move San Bernardino County in a positive direction.

Nearly 80 percent of the countys $135.2 million, five-year shortll is due to contracted salary and the projected growth in the cost of retirement obligations. Retirement costs alone over the next five years are projected to increase by $103.8 million annually.

Derry was supporting Mitzelfelts desire for the position, which would have been a premature decision, according to Gonzales. During a brief statement, Mitzelfelt thanked Derry, indicating he had his own reasons for not supporting Gonzales.

In ct, Gonzales not only opposes illegal immigration but thinks illegal immigrants are a significant burden on our San Bernardino County communities and public resources.

eastern healFontana Herald News,department oDepartment Gonzales, a former member of the Fontana City Council who has been a supervisor since 2004, is the first Latina to hold the position of county chair. She represents the 5th District, which includes the eastern portion of Fontana as well as Bloomington, Rialto, Colton, and San Bernardino.

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