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VITERRA has announced its community fund will include an additional $75,000 for flood recovery projects to assist regional and rural communities in flood-affected areas across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. The Viterra Community Fund, designed to help rural and regional communities by providing grants for education and training, health, youth development and community eastern heal Viterra lifts flood funds by $75,000 – State Newsamenity projects, will this year have a special focus on assisting flood-affected communities in eastern Australia. Viterras president South East Asia, Rob Gordon, said the mission of the community fund was to support initiatives which had a positive impact in strengthening communities. Rural and regional communities are a significant part of the agricultural landscape in Australia, he said. We understand that the recovery process following flood events across areas of eastern Australia will be a long one. Through our community fund for flood recovery, we will be able to provide grants for eastern health australiaprojects in flood-affected communities. Viterras injection of $75,000 for flood recovery allocations is on top of the companys national community fund allocation. Since 2006, the community fund has provided more than $500,000 to projects throughout Australia. This year will be the fifth round of allocations. An advisory committee, made up of representatives from the agricultural industry, meets to approve funds. This year, allocation meetings will be held in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. There are no dollar limits on projects, but to ensure a wide geographical spread, assistance in the range of $1000 to $5000 is more likely to attract support. Applications are assessed on the quality of community benefits they will deliver and community support for the project. Applicants should be able to demonstrate initiative and energy in raising funds locally. Further details about the Viterras Community Fund, including selection criteria and the application form, will be available at www.viterra.com.au from March 15. Applications close on May 16.

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