eastern capeShock baby deaths in E Cape hospital

MEC Sicelo Gqobana has ordered an urgent probe into death of 29 neonates… being treated at the hospitals paediatric intensive care unit, spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said in a statement.

however, it is up to you guys to fix up your act and sort out your reputation – it is not up to the public to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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The babies were born prematurely. Probably due to the ct that there is a delay in getting the women to the hospital because they have transport issues and can&39;t get there in time to stop the baby from coming. Hence more ambulances with ventilators, etc.

East London – The Eastern Cape health department is investigating the death of 29 babies at the Cecilia Makhiwane Hospital in East London, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

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A team eastern cape provincial department of healthof epidemiologists, senior officials and doctors had been sent to the hospital as part of the investigation. It would look at infection prevention control issues, amongst other things.

my cousin&39;s domestic worker was blatantly neglected by nurses and died because simply because she is zimbawean….despite the ceastern capeShock baby deaths in E Cape hospitalt that she was legally in SA and was a hardworking respectable woman.

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I agree with you totally. When I had my second child, I decided that I would claim maternity UIF – not because I needed the money, but because it is my right as a tax paying citizen. I pay UIF every month, and for once I thought that I would rely on the government for something. Like you, I received death stares from the majority of the queue. But, I got my money, and I enjoyed it clear to my fellow citizens that I was receiving my grant.

some of your colleagues are a disgrace to humanity. these stereotypes do not just emerge out of fresh air – they are the result of many unlawful and inhumane acts committed by members of your profession.

The babies were all extremely low birth weight, below 1kg. Thirteen of them died from HIV-related complications. Doctors also noted klebsiella on three neonates. However, the department at this stage cannot conclude that there has been an epidemic or outbreak.

He said the babies died in January. The matter was not reported to the department, which only became aware of it this week following media enquiries.

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my friend&39;s sister was hit and mistreated by a few of your colleagues last month – she also died in the most undignified manner.

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eastern capeShock baby deaths in E Cape hospital,Pick n Pay founder Raymond Ackerman has donated R1m to the Red Cross Childrens Hospital to celebrate his 80th birthday.

All we as South Africans want is for someone to be held accountable for this disaster. It cannot go unpunished. but as usual no one has the guts to admit ult.

It seems as though our fellow citizens believe that us whites MUST fund the state, but must not benefit from it in any shape or form. How very misguided. When I leave this country, I will frame all my IRP5 along with my husbands&39; – I will take it to one of these revolting places and stick it up onto the wall, so that everyone can see how much money they will lose out on when I take my business elsewhere.

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The ambulances would be fitted with ventilators to try and reduce the provinces innt mortality rate.

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Agree, so shocking, that it wasn&39;t reported, but as been stated so many times, no responbility taken by anyone, so who is going to report the deaths. Wonder what else hasn&39;t been reported

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A few years ago, I was unemployed and had no option but to join the Community Clinic. I have always received acceptable service, although painfully slow. One has to take a number and wait at least 4 hours before getting to see the attending Sister or Doctor. I was often the only white person amongst a sea of black ces and I was glared at like I was defrauding the system just by being there! I honestly could not afford to go to a private Doctor as I had no income. Yet a lot of the "patients" wore designer jeans, carried designer handbags and used the latest cellphones. I had an old Nokia whose only claim to me was that it had a colour screen! My point is that anyone with a fixed salary will not be allowed to make use of these services, whether they wanted to or not. So cosmic_99, you can inform your colleague of this. Even if we wanted to risk the state hospitals, because we are white, we are presumed able to afford a private Doctor and therefore don&39;t ll into the "disadvantaged" category.

The MEC is particularly concerned that hospital authorities have iled to report the deaths when he visited the hospital and met with management, doctors, nurses and organised labour two weeks ago.

Western Cape – Cape Town

Kupelo said the department would receive 100 additional emergency vehicles in April, and was also considering getting specialised ambulances for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Preliminary investigations by hospital authorities revealed that 23 of the 29 babies were referrals from clinics and hospitals around East London.

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