eastern acceFerntree Gully psych service is set to stay

“I don’t believe they have an intention to build there.”

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AFTER almost two years searching for a new home, eastern acceFerntree Gully psych service is set to staya Ferntree Gully mental health service is now looking to stay put.

But a Halcyon client, who asked to remain anonymous, said huge concerns remained about the future of the existing property. She understood client numbers had dropped and many were suspicious of council’s plans. “It feels like ground zero down there; we don’t feel like anything is going to happen,” she said.

Knox Council chief executive Graeme Emonson said discussions regarding the mental health service’s future were continuing.

In early 2009 the service was told the property iled to meet public safety requirements and in April last year a building was demolished on the site.

“We have had meetings with council recently and it has been made very clear that we don’t have an immediate solution,” Mr Ruzlya said. “But we are going to work together on a proposal for funding on the site. We don’t want to move; we want to stay and we just need money to stay.”

Eastern Access Community Health chief executive Peter Ruzlya said the site was unsatisctory. But he said all parties were working to improve the existing Ferntree Gully site.

Mr Ruzlya said he was unaware of a significant drop in numbers and he understood how some clients might be pessimistic, given the demolition of the building,New Post but he said he was confident an agreement wouleastern access community healthd be found.

eastern acceFerntree Gully psych service is set to stay,Halcyon Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Service, which iled in its bid to relocate to Bayswater after a massive community backlash last year, is working with Knox Council and the State Government to improve its existing site at The Avenue.

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