eastern acceBayswater North pupils pictures of health

&8220;We also have a vegetable garden where we grow lots of vegetables that we eat at school,&8221; she said.

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&8220;The innt grades have fruit delivered each day so they can taste some fruit that they may never have had before and we are always encouraged to drink water.&8221;

Becoming cloudy. Showers and isolated thunderstorms developing with a geastern acceBayswater North pupils pictures of healthusty cool change this afternoon…

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The school revamped its canteen last year, removing all unhealthy items from the menu and students worked with their art teacher to design posters advertising a meal deal to promote the new, healthier options.

eastern acceBayswater North pupils pictures of health,Year 6 student Rebecca said her classmateastern access community healthes loved their posters, which Eastern Access Community Health sent to university students studying graphic design to provide finishing touches.

Bayswater North is one of more than 2600 primary schools and early childhood services across Victoria to adopt the &8220;Go For Your Life&8221; program. Kilsyth state MP David Hodgett was due to present the school with a &8220;Go For Your Life&8221; award last Monday.

KIDS are on a health kick at Bayswater North Primary School.

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