East Libya could ce food shortages soon – sourceeastern heal

Feb 28 (Reuters) – Rebel-held eastern Libya willstart to experience serious food and medical shortages withinthree weeks, a public health volunteer said on Monday.

The shops that were still open were well stocked withsnacks, tinned goods and other non-perishable items, but freshfood was scarce.

We will have serious shortages of food, drink, medicine andmedical equipment in two weeks, three weeks maximum. We needoutside help, said Khali el-Faituri, a volunteer withqualifications in public health and pharmacology.

(Reporting by Mohammed Abbas, editing by Peter Millership)

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It has debt levels to die for and huge amounts of oil, but economically it&8217;s lagging and political concerns remain. Speakers at a Libyan trade and investment forum this week saw the North African country aeastern healthss a mixed bag.

The unrest is disrupting imports, the local supply of freshfood and domestic manucturing, people in Libyas second cityof Benghazi say, with many shops and ctories there stillclosed since the city fell to protesters a week ago.

When some of the most influential figures in emerging markets finance spoke to a group of Reuters editors, they were asked about top picks for growth beyondEast Libya could ce food shortages soon – sourceeastern heal the so-called BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The relations between First Quantum and the Democratic Republic of Congo have gone from bad to worse in recent months, after the country expropriated the miner&8217;s $765 million Kolwezi copper tailings project in September.

Im struggling to find basics for my mily. Bread,vegetables. Prices have gone up by 75 percent, said restaurantwaiter Ayman Ahmed, 50.

East Libya could ce food shortages soon – sourceeastern heal,East Libya has llen to protesters against leader ColonelMuammar Gaddafi, who is clinging to power in the ce ofmounting protests in Tripoli in the west of the country.

There is a growing sense of unease in Benghazi over foodsupplies, and some people complained of not being able to findbread and other goods.

Thousands of migrant workers from Egypt, Nepal, Bangladeshand other countries who may have worked in food supply chains –such as vegetable growing and bread baking — have left thecountry, which could explain the shortages.

It was unclear just how much supply routes and manucturinghad been disrupted — Benghazis port was open, as was eastLibyas land border with Egypt.

The giggles started when the seventh journalist in a row said that his question was for Egypt&8217;s water and irrigation minister, Mohamed Nasreddin Allam.

If Guinea can pull off free and ir elections this weekend, it will lay the foundations for what could be one of Africa&8217;s most unexpected and significant good news stories.

He said he had collaborated with nurses, doctors and otherprofessionals in east Libya to conduct a study five days agointo food and medical supplies.

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