Ears dry no luster performance deficiency of kidney essence

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<p&gt ears dry no deficiency of kidney essence gloss performance through observation of the ear, you can speculate about the health of the body. Observation of the ear from color, luster, morphological changes, several aspects of localization.

color, Sheen, the ear as a whole, normal ears red and shiny, congenital kidney essence of this is the amount of performance if ears dry no gloss, insufficient response body kidney essence.

ear light white , in cold cold; also seen in low ferrite Yang person, such people more afraid of evil wind, hands and feet cold. Ear redness, mostly “ nobody inspected ” the performance of common in liver and gall of fire or hot and humid. Auricular dry char, multiple late in infectious disease or diabetes, because in this stage, the consumption of organic anion liquid had serious injuries. In the ears of some local point-like or plate-like dusky, dark red, Umbra grey etc, found in digestive diseases such as gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

morphological change at the ear of the other content is observation of morphological changes. Ears heavy, and adequate renal Qi; ears are thin, small, and deficiency of kidney qi. Ears of local there is Nodular or cable uplift, point-like depression, and people without luster, prompting chronic organic disease, such as liver cirrhosis, cancer, etc. Expansion of local vascular too filling, ear, see circle-like changes, such as paragraph, section, common in people of abnormal lung function, such as coronary heart disease, asthma, and so on. In addition, if the ear discharge associated with ear swelling and heat pain, hearing loss, are manifestations of otitis media, Chinese medicine believes that this isOn the wind-heat rejection or dampness-heat of liver and gallbladder.

localization localization of the ear, every part of human ear on the distribution of as an inverted fetus.

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