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Life some people hate a bowl of a bowl of traditional Chinese medicine and a bitter and astringent, even the treatmentresult TCM cured western medicine incurable disease, he still has no affection, think of TCM in TCM should improve inedible of forms.But contemporary acid-base theory has been vigorously praise the Chinese medicine, think treatmentresult effect, to a large extent is the establishment in this unique treatmentresult on the basis of the treatment.

Acid-base theory holds that the human body is an acid and alkali of relative balance the body.The human body various body fluids must have a certain appropriate ph, this is to maintain normal physiological activity body one of the important conditions.Human body in the food we intake in acidic and alkali substances, in addition, human cells in metabolic process is also constantly produces acidic or alkaline metabolites.Through a series of body can adjust action, will eventually excess acidic or alkaline substances eduction body, make the body fluids PH maintain constant range, in a process called acid and alkali balance.

Normal plasma PH value in 7.36-7.44 between.PH change beyond the normal range, not only change the excitability of nerve muscle, but also because of influence of the enzyme activity, make all cell metabolic activities and physiological functions are affected.PH value less than normal is acidic, typical symptom is patients feel no energy, also is the deficiency of traditional Chinese medicine speak.The elderly, people with diabetes, hypertension patients, tumor patient was often don’t have the strength to speak, thinking slow, is the result of acidic.Including malignant tumor patient, the majority is acidic.

Nankai university biochemistry and molecular biology professor LiJianMin etc in the acid body is the source of diseasess of ldquo said: &;Herb medicine bags, monarch, minister, adjuvant and dispatcher combination to use, curative effect is very good.If use, but after purifying the effect not beautiful.What reason?This is because in Chinese medicine contains a lot of alkaloids and alkaline elements, plays the role of clean and acidic, then the Lord medicine composition again play efficacy.Essentially has contains two drugs procedures: first clean up good body environment;Play the role of host medicine again.Very accord with sick body objective request, curative effect significantly, best of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, has more intervention advantage.& rdquo;

The human body acidic substances mainly come from sweets and volunteers, alkaline substances mainly come from vegetable and fruit.In order to make his own body in weak alkaline health condition, should eat fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less volunteers.Moderate exercise can accelerate metabolism, make body keep alkalescent, and excessive movement or long-term mental stress, fatigue, cause the body to turn to acidic, appear disease.

Tea is alkalescent drinks, tea lovers like working rhythm is affable, peace of mind, often very longevity, the support from another Angle acid-base theory.

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