Dog treatment of fire in the sky

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dog fire in the sky have treatment

dog days is the heat of the gas in the year of the most prosperous period, is also a person of triple Energizer fire most of the time. Many in the hot summer days are dry mouth, sore throat, heartburn, urine yellow, which are actually three-Jiao Huowang performance.

triple Energizer terms unique to Chinese, Chinese medicine practitioners under the chest and abdomen divided into upper, middle, three area, sanjiao. Coke means on chest and diaphragm more than motive in lung; medium-sized Coke applied from the thoracic diaphragm to the umbilical cord, UN-Habitat in the spleen, stomach; Coke for cord under the following, in the liver, kidney, colon and small intestine and bladder.

Chinese medicine will Volt differential treatment based on triple Energizer to Sky fire, according to the different manifestations of triple Energizer fire, be treated separately.

focus on fire: means a Jiao Huowang on, common symptoms include headaches redness of the eyes, thirsty, ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue, pain and swelling in the throat, upset thirst, palpitations and insomnia etc. Treatment should be blessed fire relief, huanglian shangqing pills available, niuhuang Qingxin pill, gardenia fire shot treatment.

medium-sized Coke applied fire: means a Jiao Huowang, common symptoms include epigastric abdominal distension, belching inverse, eat more yin. Can be accompanied by pain and swelling in gums, gum bleeding, bad breath, abdominal pain, vomiting, body troublesome symptoms such as hot. Gastric fire relief treatment should be clear, available niuhuang Qingwei Wan, Qingwei treated by huanglian shot, Qingwei Wan for security.

char under fire: means Coke under hot and humid, common symptoms include eye secretions, thirsty, bloodshot eyes, constipation, urine and short yellow tinnitus, pain, genital itching, women whiteWith more colors yellow, upset irritable, hypochondriac distress and pain. Treatment suitable for clearing dampness-heat in lower-Jiao, Radix gentianae for purging liver pills and chaihu shugan pills available, cortex phellodendri shot, eliminating shower shot treatment.

<p&gt because of triple Energizer interlinked, sometimes three-Jiao Huowang appear, according to priorities, appropriate selection of drug treatment. Differentiation can also triple Energizer, decoction in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

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