Discover: Du Zhongxiong scented tea why high prices (a)

A, precious

Three days of eucommia ulmoides male 365 days belong to picking only just 3 days

DuZhongShu million 20% whatever mdash; of& tree& mdash;Male trees have only less than 20%

Thirty thousand mu year 2000 kilograms in less than 2,000 kg (everyone in the country with less than 0.00153 grams) average

Second, the effect

Eucommia ulmoides essence to a collection of & ldquo;Eucommia ulmoides oliv rdquo; male flowers &, specially include 60 kinds of effective ingredients, such as: lignin, ring of propylene ether terpenoids and styrene-acrylic element class active substances (e.g., flat glucoside acid, jing chlorogenic acid, peach leaf coral glucoside), turpentine alcohol ShuangTang glucoside, flavones, alkaloids, amino acids, polysaccharide and mineral elements Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Ca, P, B, Mg, K etc, with amino acids content of 21.47%, calcium content of 0.92%, zinc content of 51mg/is 100 gold, respectively is eucommla ulmoides 1.8 times and 5.2 times the most comprehensive, effective component, and higher content.With more than 10 kinds of health care function, ldquo; for &Strong liver, kidney, aperient, sleeping, fall three tenors & rdquo;The effect is particularly significant!

Scientific experiments show, eucommia male tea still holds the other nine eucommia ulmoides effect.

1, chlorogenic acid: hypotensive effect on blood pressure, and obviously have two-way adjustment function, anti-inflammatory, antivirus and promote gastric peristalsis and lidan, protect liver, remove spasm.

2, flavonoids compounds (quercetin) : reduce blood sugar and cholesterol role.

3, & gamerelease;- linolenic acid decomposition, EPA, the DHA can reduce hematic fat, regulating blood pressure.

4, turpentine meal 2 grape indican: diuresis, strengthen the body’s immune function, regulate cardiovascular function.

5, clove fat meat: sedative and analgesic effects.

6, lignans: inhibiting uterine contractions role.

7, ring ene ether terpenoids: antitumor activity.

8 and the flat glucoside acid: anti-aging, reduce weight, embellish aperient bowel function.

9, eucommia ethanol extract: beauty salon.

Three, raw materials

Eucommia ulmoides oliv male tea is extremely rare organic thoroughbred eucommia male hua-rui as raw material development and production of a kind of natural health treasures.100% pure, no added.

Eucommia ulmoides oliv mdash; male flowers tea && mdash;From the world’s largest organic eucommia base, the famous Japanese, southeast Asia

Base area of 30,000 acres, DuZhongShu 200 million plants forest.The company set up the ShiYanYuan, planting of eucommia ulmoides foster more than 100 kinds of eucommia, is the most complete varieties of domestic ShiYanYuan, guarantee the one of eucommia ulmoides in gutta-percha r&d leading position.After nearly 10 years of development, has become the world’s largest and most complete modern technology planting organic eucommia production base.

Eucommia ulmoides oliv mdash; male flowers tea && mdash;Base and around without any pollution, natural, organic guarantee

Base is located in xiaoqinling foothill, at an altitude of 1500 meters, soil here ph moderate, mild climate, annual average temperature 13.8 degrees, day-night temperature difference, the frost-free period 185 to 215 days annual sunshine hours for 2277.9 hours, RiZhaoLv 51%, annual rainfall, which is very 619.2 mm eucommia ulmoides growth.Base strict management, air negative oxygen ion more than 10000, environment without any pollution, security pure organic, original!

Eucommia ulmoides oliv base & mdash;& mdash;Eucommia ulmoides oliv demonstration base, & ldquo;National spark project & rdquo;, foreign research base, won numerous honours

After ten years of development base, enjoys a southeast Asia, eucommia hot sale Japan, South Korea, the United States!The domestic and foreign various famous agricultural university, forestry institute (such as China forestry sciences, China’s agricultural science and technology university, northwestern agricultural university, etc.) are established in the research project, Japanese Osaka university, kyushu university research projects in the fixed, specializing in the development and transformation of eucommia ulmoides industry.Base awarded many award:

Decision by the state science and technology commission in 1996 as & ldquo;National spark project & rdquo;

Painted in 1998 were classified as & ldquo;The Yellow River shelter-forest & ethnics-people rdquo; ecological

In 2000 by the Chinese forestry 9:28 scientific research institute ldquo determined as &;Eucommia ulmoides oliv high technology integrated research demonstration base & rdquo;

Painted in 2004 is determined for & ldquo;The state forestry administration QinZhong key popularized project 1-4 eucommia variety demonstration base & rdquo;

In 2004 LinXueHui 9:28 by China ldquo eucommia ulmoides seminar named &;China’s first eucommia seed orchard & rdquo;

In 2004 9:28 by Chinese organic food authentication center in yangling identified as & ldquo;China organic food production base & rdquo;

By 2008 9:28 all-china commercial information center named organic eucommia bark (male) production demonstration base of tea

More health problems, can call administration of traditional Chinese medicine technology center public consultation phone
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