Diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine perspective of your body disease

modern diagnostic methods are under the guidance of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combining bio-holographic theory developed. Therefore in the corresponding organ distribution on the face, on diagnose methods differ from traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. Abnormal changes of the body may occur before or after the change occurs on the face. Check the face, can discover the shape of the bone, muscle tension, elasticity and contractility change, may also have swelling, facial skin wrinkles, crusted, defects, color change and patients, pain, and so on. If you want to know what organ is ill, represented by the look of facial areas, there is no such anomalies, and if so, indicate that the corresponding organ disease, General judgment as follows

1, if in facial wrinkles, spots and skin color changes occurred, indicating which parts of the corresponding organs disorders.

2, such as small lumps appear on the face, congestion, swelling, indicating which parts of the corresponding organs suffer infection, into blood.

3, black eyes, indicating that ovary, bladder or kidney illness.

4, scleral yellow dye indicates that the liver is ill.

modern consultation method was simple and easy to master, it is also higher diagnostic accuracy, is the primary means of modern TCM diagnosis disease.

modern diagnosis research

<p&gt due to diagnosis in Chinese medicine diagnosis on the disease has a significant value, not only has attracted the attention of many modern scholars of traditional Chinese medicine, and attending double opposite results of further research, important value to clinical diagnosis and treatment of disease.

<p&gt, face crab claw sheath award and disease; based on clinical observation, the crab claw sheath in the face award and main diseases have certain rules, heart disease mainly by temporal cloth with liver disease, liver and kidney disease to nasal, buccal primary lung disease to zygomatic area as the primary nephrotic cheek area as the primary disease of the spleen to the lack of specificity. On lung cancer, obstructive emphysema, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, hypertension, and other observations, found face crab claw sheath of award and shades on diagnosis and treatment of some reference value.

second, face colour and critical

facial colour not only for the diagnosis of chronic diseases, and critical illness also has diagnostic value. Ruxin failure patients dark face, where a mitral stenosis, insufficiency, sallow complexion, double zygomatic germs people face was very dark reddish cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma patients with chronic nephritis uremia decayed yellow face was dark black.

in short, the color is deep, dark, primary within the diseases, serious illness, illness light luster clear outside the home, light, new disease between eye between the last day of a lunar month and out run, its not if disease such as clouds of flies, the disease is more a mission such as Bo ju being stagnant, and refractory.

and biliary diseases of stomach and colour

according to clinical observation proves that patients with gastroptosia face is green-brown, shaped like beans, pigments and shades of course about the length, its color is deep, long illness. Cholecystitis and Alar two are pale yellow or dark green, bean-like, oval.

four, and children disease and color diagnosis

clinical due to children pulse to Blaster, difficult to with its diagnosis disease, help to justice color mainly, as surface Chek Lap Kok more tears, tears barking for measles of precursor symptoms surface green main infantile convulsion surface white for gas insufficient, more main diarrhea spit Lee surface yellow for spleen virtual long injury or damp-heat intrinsic,, in addition, in children-patient acute abdomen Shi, convey grey heavy syndrome diphtheria in children with is wax sample pale.

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