Diabetic foot care

use extreme caution in patients with diabetic foot when the foot bath, is important to note that the following areas:

first: be sure to use the water temperature gauge to detect water temperature, water temperature preferably in around 38 ° c, maximum should not exceed 40 ° c. This is because patients with diabetic foot foot foot skin blood vessel and nerve lesions cause abnormal sensation and unable to determine the temperature level of foot bath especially vulnerable when burned.

II: foot within 30 minutes after a meal before lunch. Because the foot foot blood vessels to dilate, blood on the increase, causing gastrointestinal accumulated visceral blood supply to reduce, within a gastrointestinal digestion. Foot bath may have been not secretion before lunch, to the disadvantage of digestive tract.

the third: main is the use of antimicrobial and thermal foot bath of synergies and play a role. Liquid to maintain the proper temperature, liquid needs to be replaced when the liquid cools. Immediately dry the feet of water after the bath, put on some warm clothes to avoid cold cold.

IV: foot when, due to foot heated expansion of blood vessels, decrease the supply of blood to the head, may occur in patients with symptoms of dizziness. Shall suspend the foot bath, after a moment of prostrate patients with symptoms can disappear. Can also give patients with cold water to wash feet, foot vasoconstriction, to alleviate the symptoms.

v: If you use the foot bath a skin allergy caused by drug, you should immediately stop foot bath treatment. If necessary, to the hospital for treatment.

<p&gt, sixth: in order to control infection, where the foot is damaged by prohibiting foot bath; after the foot skin chapped, dry coating of Vaseline; in diabetic foot patients with severe heart disease, should be under medical care, guidance for bath, where there are more sweating, dizziness, palpitations, and other unusual circumstances, should immediately stop foot bath, and to inform health care workers.

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