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review: latest World Diabetes census data show that in adult patients with diabetes mellitus in China up to more than 90 million, China has overtaken India become a diabetic first power. In other words, one out of every four adults in China there is a risk of diabetes or pre-diabetes. So do diabetes genetic? If the family have diabetes patients, and pregnant women does not have disease and prevention measures in place to do it?

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most scholars believe that diabetes is a genetic disease. Clinically, found a family history of diabetes than without a much higher incidence of family history, 3-40 times for the latter, its parent or its parent or parents for diabetic patients of diabetes are a great deal of genetic predisposition. Some statistics, parents are diabetes, born about 5% above have diabetes.

believed recessive genetic isolation or several generations, passed on to the next generation of diabetes is not a disease itself, but genetic diabetes-prone body, that is, genetic mutations, clinical called diabetes susceptibility. Information and statistics, of genetic diabetes mellitus in China per cent-44.4%, proof of genetic diabetes mellitus have a more visible role. Genetic per cent-51.2% of type ⅱ diabetes mellitus, generally higher than 60%, and per cent-44.4% in patients with type ⅰ diabetes mellitus less than 60%. Type II diabetes than type I diabetes mellitus has a strong genetic predisposition.

what diabetes genes, genetic in what manner, is still an open question. Most diabetes experts feel that diabetes is due to many genetic variants, make individual susceptibility to diabetes mellitus. Susceptible to diabetes, insulin adaptive capacity is very poor, very prone to diabetes. Diabetes patient’s children than children of non-diabetics prone to diabetes. If both parents are diabetic patients, then children have greater chance of diabetes mellitus. But this is not to say that children must have diabetes Diabetes. Studies have shown that even if the parents are type 2 diabetic patients, the prevalence of diabetes in children is not more than 10%.

how to prevent diabetes Diabetes children?

each family members are with this gene, but diabetes genetic and hereditary diseases in our standards are completely different. Although genetic diabetes genes, to onset of diabetes, in addition to genetic factors, and also in certain environmental factors and other conditions of participation, to diabetes. In General, overweight, high-sugar diet, and unhealthy lifestyle such as infection, tired but diabetes induced by environmental factors.

<p&gt if your lifestyle is very healthy, if you're an athlete, although athletes who have diabetes genes, life kept in good state of motion, probability of diabetes than people without diabetes genes even lower chance of diabetes, because his way of life in good health. Therefore, the family has diabetes patients, their children should be actively controlled diet, preventing obesity, this is the best way to prevent diabetes.

if the family have diabetes patients, and pregnant women does not have disease, and what preventive measures?

genetic factors we can’t change, but you can adjust your diet and exercise. Just keep a healthy lifestyle, you can minimize the risk. RegularDo a physical examination, including meals and postprandial blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin and other indicators. Pregnancy as soon as possible after glucose screening test to rule out pregnancy diabetes. (Author: Zhu Guizi)

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