Diabetes can eat fruit?

channel TCM health hot spot: <p&gt although large amounts of vitamin-rich fruits and delicious, always a favorite of the people. Diabetes can eat fruit? You can eat, but eat fruit when it is important to check blood sugar and selected varieties, fixed time.

diabetic can eat fruit?

first, should get to know which nutrients are contained in fruits. From the nutritional components found in the table, fruit apart from containing large amounts of water, there are 6%~20% of carbohydrates, these carbohydrates are mainly sucrose and fructose, glucose, pectin, also is rich in vitamins, salts and trace elements. From can see fruit in the of carbohydrates content higher, these sugar digestive, and absorption more fast, rise blood glucose of role than flour, composite carbohydrates to fast, so eat more has on blood glucose certainly has effect, but which of pectin is has does not was human absorption and hinder glucose absorption of function, and which of trace elements and vitamin is body need of nutrients, these on sugar friends, is favourable of. So eat fruit for sugar are both advantages and disadvantages of friends.

fruit sugar friends to quantitative

<p&gt: so, under what circumstances you can eat fruit, what time to eat fruit, you can eat what fruit is important.

instability or poor control of blood glucose in patients with the illness had better not eat fruit, preferably in 7 fasting glucose/l or 2 hour blood sugar after a meal at 10 cents/l can eat only following and stable over time. Best self-testing blood glucose before and after eating, adjusted according to blood glucose. When eating fruit, how much do not want to eat as much as you, but to have an concept.

in addition, fruit best fencan to eat, eating time in between meals should be selected or before going to bed, do not eat fruits immediately after meals to prevent hyperglycemia. Bearing in mind the deduction of thermal equivalent of staple food fruits and eat.

in addition, fruit processing of products, such as canned fruit, fruit juices, beverages, such as dried fruit, preserved fruit, usually after sugar production, sugar is not suitable for eating. If sugar friends really want to eat fruit, but has no control of blood glucose, can eat fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers instead.


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