Department of Health/vacancies in

Training for health care workers and professionals (in conjunction with universities).

Fvacancies in department of health eastern capeorensic pathology services – 18 mortuaries and 46 response vehicles.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – 50 ambulance stations with 251 ambulances.

The intension is to mobilise all people to know their status, by engaging all public and private partners to join hands and reach set targets. The agreed target for the Western Cape is 1,100,000 individuals aged 12 years and older who are ually active.

Hospital services

Department of Health/vacancies inThe Western Cape Department of Health has embarked on an HIV Counselling and Testing Campaign (HCT) which will encourage people to know their status.

The following free services are offered to all (excluding medical aid patients):

The key components of the campaign prioritise actions to prevent transmission of HIV and the treatment and care of citizens affected.

Regulation of private hospitals in the province.

Department of Health/vacancies in,To improve the health of all people in the Western Cape and beyond, by ensuring the provision of a balanced health care system, in partnership with all stakeholders, within the context of optimal socio-economic development.

Primary health care services – 479 cilities in 32 sub-districts and 6 districts (5 rural districts and 4 sub-structures in the district of metropolitan Cape Town).

The core function and responsibility of the Western Cape Department of Health is to deliver a comprehensive package of health services to the people of the province.

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