department oBrave Sir Manuel draws his sword but still punts ANC

Oh, baloney! The landscape is littered with one-man-banders who vaingloriously imagined that their own personality was so compelling that an alternative government would just automatically coalesce around it: Boesak, Mulder, Holomisa, De Lille, Lekota…

Why does Manuel stay in politics and not cash in? He must have to put up with a lot of bull.

Implement the dividend tax system that will yield half the revenue of the Secondary Tax on Companies system? Or will they just conveniently forget about the fundamental exemption the dividend tax system gives to retirement funds?

Welcome back Trevor! Its great to see you draw your sword in anger again.

Manuel remains rock solid behind his beloved ANC. And one must wonder what would happen if he said "stuff this for a lark, Im going it alone in the Western Cape.department of health eastern cape"

Clever Trevor only has two choices: the ANC or the DA.

Imagine if he did. Transfer duty receipts and the ailing estate agency industry would quickly recover as the remainder of white SA sold up and relocated to the Western Cape. Only their children would remain in the other provinces as the private schools in the Western Cape already have waiting queues longer than public hospitals.

Nobody is debating this stuff. Yet the Manuel/Manyi dispute dominates everything. Everybody, even ex-teachers, are shoving for space on Trevor Manuels platform.

Matthew Lester: In February we had JZs presidential address and Pravin Gordhans national budget speech.

Yet he patiently deals with the likes of Manyi and refrains from running off with his support base, thereby dividing South Africa even further.

The 2011/12 Budget speech leaves huge questions for next year. Will the treasury and Sars …

So why doesnt Manuel claim his crown? He surely must have lost many friends by pulling such a "down, puppy" on Manyi.

department oBrave Sir Manuel draws his sword but still punts ANC,They made it plain and : 25%department oBrave Sir Manuel draws his sword but still punts ANC of SA is unemployed or economically inactive and it is past time we cut them a better deal. But thats all old news already. Nobody seems to be interested.

In rough numbers, the Western Cape has 10% of the population. Thats five million people. And Jimmy Manyi will tell you that 50%, or two-and-a-halfmillion, are coloured. If it came to a crunch they would all follow Manuel. And rightly so.

Yes, last weekends Afrikaans newss were right, Manuel is king of the Western Cape. And he could claim that crown off Helen Zille and Patricia de Lille any time he wanted.

And they would be joined by a huge chunk of the white population, which constitutes close to another 20% of the total.

Manuel could just get in line and watch his degotistical magnetism dissipate.

Manuel will tell that, in spite of what Zille says, there is more to SA than the Western Cape. Okay, the Western Cape may pay 16% of South Africas tax, second only to Gautengs 49%. Our brothers in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape account for 35% of the population but only pay 17% of the tax. So Gauteng and the Western Cape are critical in keeping all South Africans sort-of together.

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