Decoction of shelf-life and temperature

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decoction of shelf-life and temperature

open drug 4-7 drive is usually a day of traditional Chinese medicine, in patients with chronic diseases may be out for two weeks at a time. Many patients will select all of the traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital or pharmacy’s Fried, and then save the drug would FRY well soup in the refrigerator. Then FRY in traditional Chinese medicine in the fridge in the end how long?

first, we fried decoction to understand the form of packaging. Current generation FRY decoction of most common packaging is vacuum sealed packaging. We found that hospitals and pharmacies in sealed vacuum bag prompt solution to save time varies. There was such a study, under the same decoction in different temperature conditions of storage, the metamorphic grade of juice through the observation of medicine respectively recorded odor, turbidity, Mildew and acidity determination project. Found that the higher the temperature, liquid deteriorate faster. In the high temperatures season, in more than 25 ℃ at room temperature, General decoction save no more than two days if refrigerated, you generally saved for 7 days there will be no deterioration phenomenon. In addition, different prescriptions even under the same conditions, metamorphic differences are large, if the liquid content of starch, protein, sugar and other ingredients in more, you deteriorate faster.

experts suggest that, for security reasons, decoction of seal vacuum packing the best in the refrigerator freezer 0 ° c within the range of ~5 ° c to save, save for 7-14 day, but it is best not to exceed 7 days. Because after the herb tea cooked on the one hand, often half a day before the home refrigerator to save the day at room temperature, it will accelerate drug decoction metamorphic; on the other hand, decoction of medicine soup if they contain animal medicines such as Scorpion, centipede or high sugar content of traditional Chinese medicine radix rehmanniae Preparata and radix astragali, also affects the save time. If liquid bag up or liquid sour, air bubbles and abnormal are degenerate, not taken.

if you are in full bloom by ordinary containers decoction, generally not recommended for overnight use, even if placed in the refrigerator in the freezer, it should not be more than 3 days to avoid liquid deteriorating health.

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