Danshen tablets are not standing in the elderly medicine

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 <p&gt supplementation; compound Salvia tablets by Salvia Borneol, 37 and and so on. As the main component of Salvia miltiorrhiza, this medication with promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and regulate menstruation pain and relieve mental strain effect. Due to its efficacy is reliable, small side-effects, coupled with the low prices, has become one of the higher frequency of proprietary Chinese medicines. Life, many older persons, particularly in patients with coronary heart disease, often long-term use of danshen Tablet as health products, think that it is proprietary Chinese medicines, safe and without side effects, in fact, this understanding is not correct. Patients taking Salvia miltiorrhiza film should note the following issues:

combined caution

when you need to be combined, to be careful with the following drugs with clothing:

gastropin: danshen Tablet is the main component of tanshinone and Dan phenol, and gastric Shuping containing aluminum hydroxide forms of aluminum conjugate, easily absorbed by the intestine, reduced potency. Atropine: because atropine is anticholinergic drugs for blocking the M-acetylcholine receptor can discharge suppression of vagus nerve on the heart and the heart rate to speed up. Two-drug combination, Salvia lowers blood pressure effects, atropine will be blocked, so as to reduce the effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza; male hormone drugs: such as methyl testosterone, testosterone propionate, because of effective components of radix salviae miltiorrhizae ketone of Salvia miltiorrhiza with antagonistic effects of male hormones, which should not be served with male hormone drugs. Blood agglutination drug resistance: taking incorrectly can cause serious bleeding, causing life-threatening.

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