Dandelion-Chinese medicine “antibiotics”

review: also known as yellow dandelion Viola yedoensis Makino. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the taste of sweetness and bitterness from the cold, into the liver, the stomach by the second. Have the effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, and resolving Carbuncle sanjie, can cure many diseases, including breast Carbuncles, mumps in children.

dandelion herbs for the month-“ ”

1 antibiotics. breast Carbuncles
dandelion , Prunella Vulgaris and 30 grams of water, 3 suits. If you use fresh stamp deposited over an over again, the better.

2. a suppurative infection and the inflammatory process of tissue of unknown origin
dandelion, Viola yedoensis Makino, honeysuckle 30 grams, wild chrysanthemum, each 15 grams from Begonia fimbristipula, licorice 9 grams of health, water, 3~4 clothing. 5-10 continued for days.

3. lower limbs ulcer
dandelions 30 grams of late alum a few total stamp, to warm water deposited over regulation, 1 for a day, to the more degrees.

4. Scrofula
fresh fresh dandelion, Prunella Vulgaris equal division, mash such as mud, adjusting the amount of Zhejiang Bell powder, compress to the affected area. 1 for a day, the more you deactivate.

5. acute appendicitis
fresh dandelion 90 grams, Patrinia 30 grams, Radix paeoniae Rubra and 18 grams of water, 3 suits.

6. Lung abscess
fresh dandelion, houttuynia cordata, honeysuckle, Coix 30 grams, water, 4 suit. Should be continued for 1 week.

7. pain and swelling in diseases of the eye
30 grams of dandelions and white chrysanthemum, Plantago 12 grams of water, 3 suits, 2~3 agent that is Excellent.

8. children with mumps
dandelion, mung bean, cabbage, 30 g, 15 g of Flos lonicerae, decoction, 3 suits.

9. heat cream
dandelion, verbena, plantain, 30 grams, decoction, 3 suits, to the more degrees.

10. centipede bites

with external application of fresh Mulberry leaves, dandelion adequate mash, dry wine, vinegar mixed with regulation.


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