Cough lungs and the elderly are advised to eat radish

in life there are a lot of people love to eat radish, and knew radish has antitussive effect, then the old man would you eat radishes? in fact, apart from the cough, radishes also has many other effects.

radish is a common vegetable in everyday life, especially after entering the winter, many radish variety, such as local radish, radish, radish, white radish, the United States such as green radishes. Cooking can be many ways, such as fried radish, radish, radish, radish, are mixed with survived.

cough lungs   Elderly are advised to eat radish

but more people like radish is the heart of the United States, are crisp and sweet, it is often used for shredded raw, which eat very well. Us-radish with higher vitamin c, a dozen times times higher than that of PEAR and Apple, it is “ radish race ya PEAR ” good names.

Chinese medicine believes that radish features cough, phlegm, relieving, guiding Qi downward, invigorating the spleen to promoting digestion and diuretic effect. Which herbal by soothing under in the said: “ semen raphani root gas Xiao Valley, to phlegm addiction and the medium, and supplement insufficient, wide chest diaphragmatic, Lee obey the, Huatan Xiao guide who, Cook cooked of with also; check diabetes, System surface HIV, line atmosphere to evil heat, treatment lung paralysis vomiting blood, Lung hot phlegm rinse Xia dysentery who, health food of with also ”; Li Shizhen in herbal checklist under in the mentioned: radish can “ large gas, and Xiao Valley and in the, and to evil heat ”.

people with acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma or cough, sputum and asthma, with large wash cut carrot juice, with lower Qi, resolving phlegm and relieving effect, its efficiency and faster than many drugs; aphonia not, equal parts available health and radish juice, ginger juice, gurgling pharynx, to alleviate the symptoms. Medical staff found that eat radish can reduce blood fat, soften blood vessels, blood pressure, prevention of diseases such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, gallstone disease rates. At the same time, the medical profession feels that antihypertensive effect of radish seeds has a good, it would be a high efficacy, non-toxic side effects, promising new antihypertensive drugs. Its antihypertensive effect and improve disease symptoms are higher than and compound reserpine tablets and apocynum control group. Studies have shown that twisted radish juice taking to prevent gallstones after deposition, effect on treatment of cholelithiasis. There are cancer anticancer effects of radish, containing vitamin c, carotene to prevent carcinogenic nitrosamine synthesis role.

also contains large amounts of calcium in turnip, and turnip does not contain oxalic acid, more conducive to the absorption of the human body, so radish is calcium best, the study also found that calcium content higher than that of white radish carrots 24%, higher than the Green radish 6%. Therefore, from the sense of health care, old people have to eat radish.

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