Corruption costs Eastern Cape Health R45m eastern cape

Viva ANC Viva.

Is he aware of how many black babies have been abandoned over the past year? Hundreds!


Fraud and corruption by officials and service providers have cost the Eastern Cape health department at least R45 million in the past few years, it said on Monday.

Kupelo said 35 companies were believed to have profited.

A recent investigation by Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed that the fraud and corruption was related to contracts and tenders, said department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo.

Juju is not a complete idiot – some of his parts are missing!

Kupelo said depot staff alleged that courier companies were delivering drugs meant for other health cilities to hospitals and clinics that had not placed an order.

"The investigation revealed firstly that there was fraud and corruption totalling R13 million for an air ambulance contract," he said.


"All cases have been referred to the police and the officials involved have either been suspended or resigned," he said.

The investigation started last year and involved activities spanning a few financial years.

Eastern Cape health MEC Sicelo Gqobana had also ordered a forensic investigation into the Port Elizabeth medical depot responsible for the distribution of drugs to the provinces health cilities.

The ANC must surely hold the record for being the biggest kleptocrats in the history of the world?

"Courier companies contracted to distribute medication were [reportedly] responsible… as they would collect deliveries or orders Corruption costs Eastern Cape Health R45m eastern capefrom the depot and keep the orders in their own depots," Kupelo said.


this does not amount to the R500 Million waisted by the DA on consultants, this amount is less than 10% of the the DA waisted on useless consultants.

Vote ANC to continue the struggle.

This, after he was informed of corruption at the depot which led to delays in the distribution of drugs and an overall shortage of medication and hospitals and clinics.

Facilities that had placed orders would often receive incomplete orders as a result.

Meanwhile, back at the mud hut, Malema is telling blacks to have more babies!!

"As a result, depot staff were inundated with calls about orders that had alreadyeastern cape department of health been dispatched," he said.

Shut you Trap already. Stuck wheel on DA CONSULTANTS.

"We also have an amount of R18 million related to tender procurement, where at least eight officials would allegedly award tenders to their own companies."

EricJ – its exactly the same reason they show white cops shooting at service protestors on SABC and E-tv.

An amount of R14m meant for the maintenance of medical cilities and new building activities was also lost.

Hey ORT – 500 million made it the best province.How much did the 8 other provinces spend on consultants to make them the worst LOL

Mind you, Mugabe comes to mind …

ROTFLMAO! Youve got what you voted for. Sufffffer!!!

…. and some ANC paid pratt is going to come on here and defend this by saying it wasnt serious. Babies dying, babies becoming brain dead, people not getting treatment but a bit of stealing doesnt harm anyone.

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