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Nexus generates revenue by charging physicians, who sign five to private health10-year contracts fCore clinic private healor support services, such as administration and nurses.

Nexus appears to have a clear understanding of the regions multicultural makeup. It will staff its Windsor and Es County clinics with doctors who come from other parts of the province and the country, as well as internationally trained doctors in the process of getting Canadian qualifications.

Nexus Health Management announced this week that it is renting 8,000 square feet on the main floor of 500 Ouellette Ave. for a medical and urgent care clinic.

Based in Niagara Falls where it operates a clinic, Nexus has ambitious expansion plans for 100 locations across Canada, including one each in Leamington and Belle River.

Some say Nexus will have trouble attracting doctors, lets hope they are successful. For the core, Nexus will help diversify the economy as well as potentially draw more residents and businesses downtown.

WINDSOR, Ont. — When you spring ahead this Sunday, kill two birds with one stone. Windsor Fire and Rescue Services recommends that you go the extra mile while youre fiddling with those clocks and change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

would bring about 50 new doctors to the core.

The private company, owned by Canadian and U.S. investors, offers a health care model that is attractive to doctors who dont want to contend with overhead costs.

We welcome Nexus to the neighbourhood.

Plans to recruit a multilingual staff sensitive to different cultures garnered high praise from Reza Shahbazi, executive director of the New Canadians Centre of Excellence Inc., a downtown organization that works with new immigrants. We have lots of newcomers who have trouble accessing the health care system, Shahbazi said.

Windsors struggling downtown is receiving a much-needed shot in the arm with plans by a private health care company to establish a clinic that would bring about 50 new doctors to the core.

For patients, particularly those living in the core, Nexus will provide an alternative to the often overburdened emergency room at nearby Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital. Doctors will establish their practices at the clinic but also commit to staffing walk-in services, hence providing a convenient and comprehensive one-stop shopping approach.

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