Coptis best antibacterial drug

The best antibiotic coptis chinensis

Coptis chinensis is the buttercup family, perennial herbaceous plants, medicinal its root, known to Chinese medicine with bitter.Its long history, in the medicinal early in the han dynasty in the root of Chinese magnoliavine was ranked as top that.When Ming and qing dynasty, coptis chinensis franch has been designated as tribute, sichuan region will pay tribute to court every year.Qing dynasty ldquo, coptis chinensis franch has &;The MRT, sold rdquo; age value tens of thousands of &, gone Japan, Korea and other countries, because of its roots show renju shape and color yellow, so ldquo name &;Coptis & rdquo;.And with the fatness, renju form, texture solid, section yellow, no remnant stem and regarding is preferred.

The HongYa coptis is mainly produced in sichuan, stelae, yoann, etc, and northern sichuan even, elegant even, chicken feet even etc alias.TCM holds that the sexual flavour with extreme, non-toxic, purging fire detoxification medicine, heat dry wet, pure in heart except vexed, stop spitting insecticidal effect.Widely used in high fever, teats KouChuang, toxic heat, YongJu, burns, etc. Various kinds of hot and humid certificate, heat syndromes, cold du syndromes and all these.

Generations of medical home have a high regard for coptis chinensis.As in the ldquo; TaoHongJing had &Long rdquo; take phoenix &Said.The Ming dynasty of BenCaoJing succoth said: & ldquo;The fairy for disease wine coptis god of medicine, sluggish down grass.And by, each have special work.& rdquo;In the tang dynasty is distinguished, rhizoma coptidis curative effect YaoFang “, “the daughter of the secret to Taiwan, two books of up to 260 coptis prescriptions.Coptis with wine, after processing by leading medicine uplink, can clear leader fire;Substitute raw ginger system, can the pure stomach heat, check ou;Made with pig bile, can purging courage real fire.

There are many in the clinical application of rhizoma coptidis, introduce several single prescriptions are as follows:

Cure shigellosis coptis grinds powder each oral 0.4 g ~ 1 gram, 3 times a day (can load capsule oral).

Even for pediatric vomit, clear sprouting fraction each 6 grams, with into powder, divided into 100 copies, 1 3 times, each time 1 copy.Warm clothing.

Treatment dampness syndromes, fire burns coptis into powder to 1:3 proportion append the sesame, 3 times a day outside cha.

Treatment with YongJu swollen poison rhizoma coptidis, betelnut every 15 grams with eggs into powder QingDiao, outside cha, 1 to 3 times.

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