Cool in foot, foot pain, foot cramps hidden “health bomb”


review: cool in foot, foot pain, foot cramps …… each of these symptoms may appear before, but didn’t pay attention to. In fact, it may be hidden “ health bomb ” may correspond to the aging and disease and other organs of the body should be timely prevention and recuperation.

foot cool, foot pain, foot cramps hidden “ health bomb ”

feet cold.

deficient cold of spleen and stomach, poor blood circulation, less physical activity too easily. If both of the nails into a deep purple color, it may be early signs of diabetes, arterial embolization.

countermeasures: Director of the Taipei Medical University Hospital-PIN setting Chen Ping and think, increase physical activity, promote blood circulation, eating food is a solution of warming and invigorating the spleen and stomach. 40 degree Celsius warm water soak feet for 20 minutes every day, drink hot tea, there is improvement.

foot cramps.

Taiwan Chang Sau ankle in hospital surgical Director Zhu Jiahong pointed out that if sleeping foot cramps, could be up during the day is not the right cause. More cold, lack of calcium, fatigue and other reasons, it may cause leg cramps.

countermeasures: Taipei’s Veterans General Hospital of cardiac vascular surgery physician Lai Xiaoting recommendations, these problems occur, while sleeping can keep your feet a little Block up, note also the warm, calcium supplementation, choose the proper shoes.


<p&gt if the toe, foot pain severe, there is tingling burning sensation, may be associated with diabetes. If more than numb feet swelling pain of sense, is likely to be deep vein thrombosis.

countermeasures: symptoms in severe cases, seek medical advice immediately.

foot pain when walking.

middle age has a thick heels are basically fat pad, grew old, fat pad atrophy, fat pad be squeezed to the side when you walk, relative will become thinner in the Middle, followed when the pain of the foot, and is hurt. But if you get up in the morning landed sharp pain, symptoms ease after, the waist and hip location may be due to not being.

countermeasures: do more stretching, rotating toe movement; correct walking posture.

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