Comparative study on the pulse of Tibetan medicine

category of diagnosis is a methodology, it is an extension of cause and effect relationship, the need to establish a certain order and system mode. In the absence of technical specifications of ancient, about research into the causes of possible internal as modern Western medicine, in order to overcome the disease, they can only on observation of the symptoms of environmental, human and to establish a relationship, thus, “ derivation of changes by the variable system input status, explore the etiology ” ①. Observation of symptoms variable system, that is, “ human black box output information is through the &lsquo of traditional Chinese medicine; look, smell, asked, cutting ’ four diagnostic methods to obtain ” ②. Therefore, “ four diagnostic methods ” is the only effective way to get the disease information. Today, as well.

1. To the sibu hospital code is based on chapter I of the Fourth Division, prospecting for the Chinese medicine literature.

2. To compare the similarities and differences, soothing the supplement.

3. The sibu hospital code while writing in the Eighth Century ad, but later conducted a number of modifications, additions, complete ⑧ until 1687, therefore this article is not limited by the Eighth century Chinese medical literature.

4. Is too plain pulse no clinical practical value and is not a detailed comparison, pending shizhe.

, pulse generation,

traditional Chinese medicine says heart controlling blood, “ all the blood, all belong to the heart, ” ¢á “, health of the country, filling it in blood, ” ⑩, pulse is generated by the beating. &Amp;ldquo; Fu Mai, Fu-organ of blood. &Amp;rdquo;[11] beating of the heart, blood vessels running all Yorimune gas promote. The effect of asking? &ldquo people of weather on the cloud; Luo said of deficiency of stomach, through separate complex lung, for under the left breast, its dynamic clothing (hand), pulse. &Amp;rdquo; cloud “ gas, stomach Fu born of water and food, accumulated in the chest, out on the throat, to Secretary breathing, among the 12 Channel Tunnel, for the viscera of meridians, hence the saying. &Amp;rdquo; thus, water Valley in the subtle atmosphere of fresh synthesis gas, gas makes the heart beat, blood line pulse, pulse generation.
early in the evolution of the human body is divided into four of Tibetan medicine, linked the existence of pulse, pulse-pulse and China pulse. Join pulse white veins and dark pulse, black pulse beat of “ such as Ma ” connected to the pulse and heart artery. [12]“ pooling all pulse pulse, ideological activities of the human body, emotional, and so on through the heart, heart beat. Pulse tube from the heart, competent delivery of gas, so it can beat. &Amp;rdquo;[13]“ many blood vessels in the human body. We have to check who can beat pulse tube, they originated from the heart, there are in the flow of qi and blood. These vessels are like as Messenger between doctors and patients. &Amp;rdquo;[14] on the pulse generation, Tibetan medicine views are consistent.

second, and pulse diagnosis of significance

TCM think pulse of often variable can reflect Zang-Fu blood of changes, judgment disease of disease bit, and nature, and evil are rise and fall and the prognosis, because pulse not only and vital organs of gas communicates (spirit armature? pulse of under), and “ pulse of rise and fall who by, to waiting blood of actual, more than insufficient ”[15],“ mortal panic anger labor static, (pulse) are for variable also ”. [16] Luo Dongyi the pacing about in? pulse said &ldquo of the original; it is too deep a pulse, all of the five Zang-organs are now are above and below, six can be diagnosed. &Amp;rdquo; in short, is the pulse of the ever-changing of traditional Chinese medicine to infer, then pulse to determine disease situations.
in Tibetan medicine says “ disease and doctors make sequence ”,[17] through the pulse, we can see the physiological function of Zang-Fu organs, pathological parts, indicating that type of human illness, can also estimate the prognosis. So Fink in the foundation of Tibetan medicine? on your diagnosis of said “ on Tibetan medicine, organ function seems to be more important than their corresponding anatomical knowledge. Because this way you can obtain information about the function of organs, so diagnosis method of pulse diagnosis that is most important. In other words, the organ function in pulse position can be touched and for Tibetan doctors is apparent, therefore, is to provide clear indications for treatment. &Amp;rdquo;[18] on Tibetan medicine, significance of pulse diagnosis is thrown from a pulse generating mechanism of the Foundation.

three considerations, pulse former

the plain questions? theory of vein to subtle said “ pulse money, xujing is guaranteed. &Amp;rdquo; this is the pulse before chest without prejudices, their minds, consultation should concentrate when fine. [19] Li Zhongzi the doctors willRead also that “ drink of pulse constant dinner Mai Chang Hong, outfitted vessels of disease, hunger of the pulse will be empty for a long time ”, so &ldquo Man drunk Mo and advice, since I don’t advice others, or ride a horse, will be better income ”. [20] when doctors diagnose not only to increase the atmosphere, but also to reserve, left Zhan does not look right. In this connection, the attention seems to be gone beyond of Tibetan medicine. Before the patient to give up alcohol meat, sex, language, mind Dr, walking, insomnia, fasting, and so on. They said that compliance with these rules, people of three kinds of body fluid balance, doctors to infer vein disease and similarities and differences. Of course, to doctors, his fingers to smooth, sensitive, spiritual and physical to function properly. This second part of the Tibetan medicine the feel the pulse also has a story. Yu completed when you feel the pulse of the legend, Goddess of medicine King and eight to make him predicted that as people, dogs and water, noise, they did not catch, Yu completed only in quiet feel the pulse at the time of the results. He told jokes say feel the pulse of apprenticeship “ especially when you feel the pulse, you should avoid the human voice and other obstacles. Not careless, should focus on. &Amp;rdquo;
pulse time to Ping Dan as the best of traditional Chinese medicine. The plain questions? theory of vein to subtle clouds “ diagnosis to denier, yin has not been touched. Yang did not. Diet is not into, meridians are not sung, collaterals mix thoroughly, blood is not chaos, it is the pulse of diagnosis had. &Amp;rdquo; the fourth chapter of the sibu hospital code for this is provided for in this “ depending on the sky at Sunrise is not provisional Valley, body heating gas not channeling external, cold not channeling in vitro. &Amp;rdquo; cold because Yin Sheng (flat before Dan) the pulse will be mistaken for wind and phlegm pulse, Yang hot arrogant it may be confused with the pulse of blood or bile. [21], both the same.

four, pulse position and methods

pulse diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine, three special method for the diagnosis and a person’s pulse on the wrist by the three, and to a person’s pulse on the wrist (also famous, pulse). Diagnose part after the wrist at the radial artery. The plain questions? five pulse of exception ends “ why air intake alone for five Zang-organs? Said sea of stomach water Valley, six Fu-great source also. Mixed into the mouth, hidden in the stomach to the five Zang-organs Qi, air intake also taiyin also. &Amp;rdquo; the difficult as? the first difficult also cloud “ 12 are arteries, alone taking a person’s pulse on the wrist to put the internal organs of the body by death of good or ill luck, what is? So a person’s pulse on the wrist, and pulse of the General Assembly, of hand-taiyin pulsation. &Amp;rdquo; the sequence truth volume II also said that “ pulse for blood, bones of the human body through. Land of the General Assembly, a person’s pulse on the wrist. &Amp;rdquo; just because a person’s pulse on the wrist for the pulse of the General Assembly. Diagnosis of human disease or not, so only discarded in traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and three consultation and independence by taking a person’s pulse on the wrist, this also and giving men and women not in ancient etiquette and anatomical characteristics of a person’s pulse on the wrist Department for. [22] traditional Chinese medicine Guan and Chi three a person’s pulse on the wrist proper, that is, the radial styloid process within the party is off (between between dimensions) closed before inch (on foot one inch), after close to feet (from the elbow stripes one foot). The Nan Jing? dilemma contains “ from close to the feet, is the ruler of yin in the treatment of; from close to the thenar, was Yang and the treatment of a person’s pulse on the wrist, the propriety is the feet, feet to inches. Yin feet one inch, Yang was within inches of nine points. Size all along one inch nine points, hence the saying size. &Amp;rdquo; the pulse volume also contains &ldquo from thenar to high bone is one inch, which name a person’s pulse on the wrist, from inches to feet, name Chak, hence the saying size. Inches ruler after name before closing. &Amp;rdquo; Cun, Guan and Chi waiting list for organs also belongs. When you diagnose, and three of nine waiting said, that float immersed in fifteen days. Take the pulse of Tibetan medicine in the radial artery, the Cun, Guan and Chi part of not only the same and even the name is the same, using it also sank three floating on the waiting list. Comparison of cun, Guan and Chi of Tibetan medicine in the waiting list for organs, see table 1.

part of pulse diagnosis of Tibetan medicine, according to Elizabeth? g of the foundation of Tibetan medicine says that China and Finland, “ than TCM pulse position slightly inside of some, almost on the edge of radial Palmaris Longus muscle keys. &Amp;rdquo; in fact, we see the diagnose part of Tibetan medicine and today the sibu hospital code? follow-up this chapter “ feel the pulse position ” you can see it and TCM is no different. Turned off the inside of the styloid process of RADIUS as part of Tibetan medicine off the inches before, after close to feet. Purpose of this, are in order to better reach of the radial artery pulse, do, removing any bias in is wrong.

in the patient’s doctor of Tibetan medicine, male diagnosis vein on the left hand, women first right hand pulse diagnosis; left hand right hand diagnosis for doctors, clinics on the left hand right hand, finger and ring finger slightly hard. Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in patients with diagnosis of left hand right hand, right hand diagnosis in patients with left hand, and now no difference between men and women in General. [23] in terms of means, also pay attention to drainage means, adjusting means, pulse and pulp on the waiting list, according to the, searching, push, etc (central administrative unit of Hua Shou the diagnosis? pulse). In short, both similar, less obvious difference.

why take radial artery pulse diagnosis of Tibetan medicine? How to reflect the viscera of the radial artery disease? The sibu hospital code explained “ only marginal artery while all over, organ Valley water close to shore, much as if the guest pass, perfect like thunder the three summer jobs, all walk through when such as Mart. If no viscera that inverse contrary, bianti popular as boss of qi and blood, do not mix 12 Meridian raft sheath ”. This is a metaphorical statement. Nearly take the carotid artery, just like a shore and Valley water of noisy, confusing; far preparation of femoral artery as guests, such as Messenger, will inevitably be exaggeratedly embellish and out. Therefore, not far from near,People in the selection of goods on the market, is the most reliable. In this regard, to be flexible in traditional Chinese medicine. The plain questions diagnostic methods, the treatise on someone, a person’s pulse on the wrist, Fuyang three diagnostic methods, later physicians sometimes also use other diagnostic methods. In addition, TCM interpretation of independence and taking a person’s pulse on the wrist is more reasonable, cited on the literature can be seen, its interpretation is not only theoretical basis of the physiology, Anatomy, there are thousands of years of practical experience summary.

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