Common sense reminder: Beware of Chinese herbal medicine injury hematopoietic function

<p&gt, many people believe that traditional Chinese medicine drug to ease, side small and application security. Increasingly, though reports about blood system injury induced by traditional Chinese medicine, we must attach great importance to.

domestic scholars statistics found that damage of blood system caused by traditional Chinese medicine to thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenic purpura, hemolytic anemia, hemorrhage, xanthochromia is the most common symptoms, fatigue, fever, etc.

clinical findings, a considerable number of people as doctor’s advice and normal dosage with traditional Chinese medicine after causing damage of blood system; some people since taking Chinese medicines, the amount is too large, too long a time, and believe that quack such improper method caused damage of blood system. Caused damage of blood system of Chinese medicine and individual differences between drug-related.

<p&gt through data analysis, caused damage of blood system and its preparations of Chinese medicine major with 47, one of the top 10 in turn is, snake venom enzyme and compound danshen preparations of tripterygium wilfordii and its preparation, compound Indigo pill and Puerarin injection, zhengqing fengtongning capsule, 37, of elemene emulsion, double rhizoma coptidis and Grand Bank (Rubiaceae plants).

the 47 traditional Chinese medicines and their preparations, toxic Chinese medicines and toxic constituents of traditional Chinese medicine: tripterygium wilfordii and its preparation, zhengqing fengtongning, snake venom enzyme formulations, cinnabar, Toad venom, Nux Vomica, natural, leech, Petunia child, arsenic, lead, eliminating warts ling, Grand Bank, etc. Main toxic components in two Terpenoids from tripterygium wilfordii, followed by alkaloid, to bring down the white cells, platelets, or even induced aplastic anemia. Zhengqing fengtongning sinomenium sinomenine main component is taken from traditional Chinese medicine, one pharmacological immunosuppression, of leukopenia caused by its mechanism may be relevant. Snake venom enzyme preparation in the blood in a State of low pour point, which can lead to bleeding disorder such as multiple organ. Main components of cinnabar mercury, mercury enters the human body can make some important enzymes lose activity, resulting in cell damage and cell membrane. With drugs for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis Leech, Radix salviae miltiorrhizae, 37, Yunnan baiyao, shanhaidan, Olympics effort Hong, pharmacological resistance to reduce blood viscosity and thrombosis, bleeding symptoms after some patients can be.

tripterygium wilfordii poisoning causing extensive organ damage and even death is taking no quality control such as decoction, crude drug preparation, mixture, excess or abuse and intends to take quality control indexes of preparation (such as Common Threewingnut Root polyglycosides, tablets of tripterygium wilfordii). Also related to individual differences. Grand Valley Bank branches and leaves of β–containing sterol, internal components such as esters, phenols and organic acids, died from acute leukemia induced by oral or topical leaves and prompting cautious use of drugs.

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