Come and test your body in the “poisonous” how much?

review: our body often exposed to many toxins, such as atmospheric pollution, pesticide residues in vegetables, in automobile exhaust, food preservatives, excessive heavy metal in cosmetic, junk food, and so on, and accumulated toxins accumulated in the body, left to health risks. Do you have the body of toxic? The answer is definitely Yes, because the surrounding environment. SINA TCM xiaobian today will take you to test, your body “ HIV ” how deep? How to Detox?

come test   Your body “ HIV ” how deep?

  option below the test, number of toxins in your body do? (Options listed status reply “ is ”, otherwise answer “ no ”)

1, and rough skin, often the skin troubles;

2, complexion is poor;

3, doesn’t look her age old lot;

4 , Have constipation troubles;

5, easily fatigue;

6, often shoulder pain, low back pain, dysmenorrhea;

7, the top 5 floor asthma;

8, afraid of cold;

9 , Likes to drink cold drink, eat cold;

10, passion for desserts;

11, do not like vegetables, fruits;

12, each meal will have fish or meat;

13, regular drinking;

14 Expanded, convenient to the supermarket will purchase food or foods;

15, and staying up late;

16, sleep less than 6 hours (6 hours);

17, feel pressure;

18, smoking;

19 , Drinking few;

test results:

selected “ is ” 10 or more, too many toxins in your body, skin and internal state is poor, you need to change their daily schedules at once.

selected “ is the ” 5~9, toxins in your body some, relatively weak need to gradually improve, otherwise your health landslide.

selected “ is ” in the 4 following, few toxins in your body, health, but not to the effect that, try to improve those items you tick.


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