Coca is not a traditional Chinese medicine also bushen zhuangyang analgesia

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coca is not the effect of Chinese herbs of traditional Chinese medicine

common English to Coca growing of coca leaves from plants in the Andes of South America, the main origin in Peru, and Bolivia, and Brazil, and Chile and Colombia and other countries. Medicinal, main components for a variety of natural base, medicinal efficacy for tonifying the kidney and reinforcing Yang, analgesic. Also important formula of Coca Cola.

medicinal materials medicinal coca-Coca Leaf Folium Cocoe Latin name English name. Textual research on the name: coca. Account source: coca plants. Parts: coca leaf.

bitter, astringent, temperature.

into the renal

function </strong&gt attending; kidney Yang, analgesic. Treatment of kidney deficiency and nocturnal emission, nocturnal emissions, slide release, impotence, pifawuli, etc. Treatment of pain.

usage oral: soup with fried, 9-15.

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