Clinical application of pulse diagnosis

difficult under ”, to the clinic is still confused, this is because learning pulse into a mistake. Pulse is not a way to show off skills, but pragmatic guidance of clinical diagnosis and treatment of disease. Pulse diagnosis must and card, and disease, and treatment organic to contact in together, only

pulse diagnosis is “ looked, and smell, and asked, and cut ” four diagnosis one, it in disease of diagnosis and treatment of in the has difference Yu looked, and smell, and interrogation of unique role, we both against too exaggerated pulse diagnosis role to “ myth pulse diagnosis ”, again full awareness to pulse diagnosis important of clinical value. If, in relation to specific guidance of diagnosis and treatment of disease, I think the pulse diagnosis and even played a decisive role. Four clinical diagnosis must be comprehensive, and effectiveness it is essential to focus on the diagnosis and treatment focuses on pulse diagnosis, in this sense, to a certain extent it can test a real skill depth in traditional Chinese medicine, four diagnostic methods when to pulse to first.

arrangement of traditional Chinese medicine for the four diagnosis methods of order “ look, smell, asked, cutting ”, it is only in the disease process in the order in which they, and do not represent the order of their importance in the process of diagnosis and treatment of disease. Patients always look first to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine face shape, smell its breath voice, ask the bitter end with pulse to a clear diagnosis. The internal “ look and know that God ”, so-called sacred wonderful handicraft that, if the pulse is not mastery, Ann asks the rest?

“ read Wang Shuhe, rather than clinical ”! Many beginner this is close to a Lake of traditional Chinese medicine pulse knew of, “, that reflects its value.

a medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing’s share of the Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases, pulse diagnosis and treatment based on syndrome differentiation combining clinical Chinese medicine has increased to an unprecedented height of Zhang Zhongjing’s pulse of dialectical, on the clinical syndrome of pulse and is inseparable and dependent, or even sometimes with syndrome differentiation is more important than the pulse. The treatise “××× artery syndrome and treatment of ”, both by vein, diseases, symptoms, treatment, pulse and pathogenesis, dialectic and its causes, symptoms, treatment methods of organic work together, differentiation and combination of pulse and dialectical, on the pulse in dialectic, and according to the analysis of pulse changes determine the etiology, pathology, dialectical treatment guidance.

such as the treatise on 1th “ for diseases of the Sun, pulse floating, head strong pain and chill. &Amp;rdquo; pulse of floating and head strong pain symptoms as the Sun of dialectic of master. 2nd “ Taiyang disease, fever, sweating, aversion to wind, pulse inhibition, name stroke. &Amp;rdquo; will slow as the Sun pulse table virtual backbone. 4th “ day of typhoid fever, the Sun, pulse, if static, to not pass; rather, if the number of mania bother pulse anxious, as also. &Amp;rdquo; according to the pulse of change judge Taiyang disease transfer. Section No. 394 “ typhoid after the poor, more heat, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Mai floating, to sweat solution, pulse setting, of the following solutions. &Amp;rdquo; treatment principles based on pulse analysis of disease.

the clinical value of pulse diagnosis in the etiology of disease diagnosis and treatment of the entire process of identification and location, insight into the nature of diseases; determine the treatment options, clinical medication instructions; stick feedback condition, inspection and medication errors; disease prognosis prediction, so confident.

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