Cinnamon cassia twig curative effect of this is the same root is different

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cinnamon cassia twig the grown from the effect of different

cinnamon trees Lauraceae Cinnamon Bark , Primary production in Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, and other places, stripper and the quality of different processed into a variety of specifications, common enterprise boundary GUI, GUI, Gui Tong, etc,. Guizhi tree cinnamon shoot Lauraceae, health.

the same point: both have a pungent and sweet taste, converted to, the spleen, liver and kidney. Are for dispelling cold pain, warming the channels, can be cured by cold coagulation and blood stasis and cold in the wind, cold and wet arthralgia. Also can help heart, kidney, spleen-Yang, commonly used in the above three dirty-Yang. Of drugs pungent in the stronger of the two, easy in camp blood, it is not appropriate or long service; real heat-sheng, Yin deficiency and Yang hyperactivity, blood-heat jump should be used with cream, pregnant women should be used with caution; when not long after the FRY should be under.

different points: meat Gui Xingan large hot, longer than temperature in cold, common treatment in cold card; also can supplement fire help Yang, fire return original, and can treatment renal Yang insufficient, and life door fire failure of feared cold limb cold, and lumbar knee soft, and night urine frequency more, and impotence Palace cold, and sliding fine premature ejaculation and the virtual Yang floating of virtual asthma, and palpitations,. Compared cinnamon, Guizhi drugs pungent of sexual smaller, Guizhi also into lung by, and open the tissue between the skin and the flesh transpiration, temperature Yang Yu Wei min, makes camp blood boom Yu muscle table, so longer than bulk table cold, for cold table card and upper limb shoulder arm pain card; also has help Yang of gas, and Lee water back swollen of effect, can treatment renal and bladder Yang cold coagulation, and gasification no of urine adverse, and edema and the phlegm drinking card.

in short, cinnamon and cassia twig with osmanthus trees, for which a bark, a shoot for it. Have a warm camp blood, gasification, the role of coagulation for dispelling cold. Gui Shan but meat temperature in the cold, into the lower-JiaoKidney Yang; Guizhi published for dispelling cold longer than, the primary source pulse up and, clinical use difference.

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